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Alltimers Skateboards online – The Ultimate Guide To Alltimers


Alltimers ™ is a small but very successful skateboard brand based in New York City. Streetwear and skateboard brand Alltimers was founded by Price Holmes in 2013.

Above is the second collaboration between the New York City Alltimers and Adidas Skateboards. The casual collection includes custom New York Citys Alltimers hoodies, shirts, sweatpants, T-shirts, and duffle bags. Alltimers x adidas New York City Alltimers pays tribute to Alltimers for not taking themselves too seriously when they collaborated with Adidas to create the collection.

A pearl tongue and heel, emerald Alltimers, and Adidas branding are the only splashes of color on the Gazelle Super. This capsule also includes a personalized jacquard cap with a cute but cool blue dragon on the back, a party dog ​​mascot on the front, and a translucent Alltimers patch on the cuff.

The two brands are no stranger to collaborations as they have worked together three times already. New York-based Alltimers is also partnering with Adidas Skateboarding twice for special capsule collections. Alltimers(tm) has also released a range of unique one-of-a-kind graphics featuring pop culture icons, such as this Alltimers Labyrinth deck.


The guys at The Alltimers have made the most of their obsession with ’90s nostalgia, sport hats inspired by the underrated cartoon The Critic, and sketchy Photoshop graphics from icons like TLC, Chris Farley, and Grimace. With many brands like Alltimers approaching a decade in business, you can already see a generational shift in the roster and roles with each new video. Feel free to personalize your deck with one of our many options.

Listed below are the compatible options, along with our basic guidelines for getting the right 8.5″ deck setup for any rider. To fully install your 8.5″ deck, you will need carts, wheels, bearings, tape, and mounting hardware. Below are our suggestions on which riser to pair with your mounting base based on your wheel size. Yes, the Alltimers have one in his form; they also have an old school flip phone shaped deck in case you’re wondering.

The Alltimers rainbow prism deck with the Alltimers(tm) logo will make your riding shine. These Alltimers Peach long sleeve t-shirts are sure to impress your girlfriend and make your arms peach. The Daggering Alltimers ™ deck pays homage to the aggressive pelvic thrusts of this Jamaican dance style.

Alltimers ”No Idea” Video There are many serious things in life, but skateboarding is not one of them. If you’re looking for easy NYC laughs, Alltimers is definitely worth checking out. Shop Alltimers streetwear and skate decks today at the Boarderline Skate Shop.

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