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Best android apps to add text to photos?

Best Android Apps to Add Text to Photos

Users no longer need to rely on hefty desktop software like Photoshop to add Text to photographs thanks to mobile photo editing applications. Instead, there are a surprising amount of ways to add Text to your images on Android. So, if you’re a photo editor seeking for free Android apps to add Text to images, you’ve come to the perfect place. This post will provide a list of the top Android photo editing applications for adding Text to photographs.

The Top 10 Apps for Adding Text to Photos

You may create your own memes or motivational posters with these tools. With these Android picture editing applications, you can even generate professional banner graphics. So, let’s take a peek at the top Android applications for adding Text to images.

1. Canva

Look no farther than Canva if you’re looking for a free Android editing tool to make amazing logos, posters, video collages, and picture grids. Canva is a powerful picture editor with a wide range of capabilities. You can edit and add Text to photographs with Canva. Furthermore, Canva’s text editor includes 500+ typefaces for usage on photos.

2. Picsart

Picsart is a comprehensive picture and video editing software for Android devices. You can create professional-looking collages, design and apply stickers, switch backgrounds, and more with Picsart. What’s more, guess what? Picsart has practically all of the editing tools you’ll ever need. Picsart has 200+ designer fonts to choose from when it comes to adding Text to photographs. Picsart is an excellent software for adding Text to photographs in general.

3. PhotoText

PhotoText is a little Android software that allows you to add Text to your images. This program allows you to add Text to any photo, as well as create blank borders and other features. Users can effortlessly alter photographs with Text using the app’s beautiful themes, fonts, and textures. PhotoText allows you to share your photographs to key platforms with only a tap once you’ve added Text to them.

4. Add Text

Add Text is a well regarded photo editing software for Android. The program is rather light and simple to use, with a paid version available. Add Text’s free edition includes over 1,000 typefaces, layer-based editing, and 3D text options. Aside from that, Add Text includes some basic photo editing features like resizing and cropping.

5. Inshot Photo Editor

The Inshot Photo Editor software is quite similar to the Bazaart app mentioned earlier.
It’s a full-featured picture editing program with a wide range of photo editing capabilities. You may use the program to add Text to your images, apply filters to the Text, and so on. The free edition, on the different hand, has a limited font selection.

6. Bazaart

This is a full-featured picture editor for Android that can handle a broad range of tasks. This program allows you to edit images, remove backgrounds, create new backgrounds, apply photo filters, and more. It also contains a text editor with a wide range of fonts. On Android, you can utilize Bazaart’s text editor to add Text to any image.

7. Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express, like any other photo editor for Android, has a number of photo altering tools, including the text tool. Photoshop Express is as strong as Photoshop’s desktop version, but it’s easier to use. The text editing tool is included in the free version, but if you want to unlock more font possibilities, you might consider upgrading to a premium package.

8. Text On Photo

Text On Photo is one of the greatest programs for adding Text to any photo, despite its lack of fame. You can effortlessly add your favorite phrases to images with’s Text On Photo. It has a limited set of helpful capabilities, such as the ability to change the text weight, style, alignment, and more. Color, shadow, and Stroke can also be used to stylize Text.

9. PicLab

PicLab is similar to the previously mentioned Photoshop Express. It has a variety of picture editing tools, including the ability to apply filters, effects, overlays, masks, and more. PicLab’s free edition only allows you to utilize a restricted number of fonts for Text adding. It does, however, allow you to build numerous text layers for stunning typography. These free Android applications allow you to add Text to any photo. I hope you found this fabric useful! Please give it on to your friends as well.

10. PickU Photo Editor

PickU Photo Editor is a lightweight and user-friendly Android software for editing photographs and removing backgrounds from images. What’s more, guess what? With the use of artificial intelligence, PickU Shot Editor can eliminate the background from any photo. When it comes to adding text to your images, PickU Photo Editor has hundreds of typefaces to choose from. It also features a tool for adding text to photographs with effects.

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