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Best Anxiety Apps or Stress Relief Apps For Android

Stress Relief Apps For Android

Today is the era of tensions and Anxiety, especially after the global pandemic Covid-19 coronavirus breakout. People are suffering from stress, anxiety, and every other thing that makes our life hard. And we have seen Anxiety has affected people a lot, and it has become the reason behind sleepless nights, missed opportunities, feeling sick, and much more.

We all want to get rid of this Anxiety, and it is necessary to change one lifestyle, including diets, workout plans, and others. Even these things fail to deliver, and the last option is to mediate. The most amazing thing is your smartphone can now serve as your mediator.

Google Play Store is the hub of so many Android meditation apps that allow people to live healthy and stress-free lives. If you are suffering from the same issue and looking for the best Anxiety Apps or stress relief apps for android, read our article.

List of 10 Best Anxiety Apps or Stress Relief Apps For Android

We have compiled a list of the Best Anxiety Apps or Stress Relief Apps that you can download anytime. Let’s not wait anymore and go through the list given below.

1. Breathe2Relax



It is evident from its name that this app aims to relax your mind, leading to relief from stress or anxiety. This application guides you in several ways about breathing practices that assist you in calming your stressed mind. There are many breathing exercises given on this application that can allow you to normalize your mood, reduce anger, and control stress levels. The drawback of this application is that the user review is negative, and they complain a lot about this app.

2. Breathe



Breathe is amongst the latest Anxiety Apps or Stress Relief Apps for Android, available on the Google Play Store. Using this app can easily decrease their stress level, stay calm, live healthy, and reduce anxiety. There are plenty of breath exercises available for self-healing and stress control to relax your worrying mind. Users like this app, and there are not many negative reviews, so you can give it a try.

3. Self-Help Anxiety Management



This app’s good thing is that psychologists and proficient computer scientists develop it to advance good body and mind strength.

Since professionals make this app, it contains useful information for all kinds of stress and anxiety that a person may suffer in daily life. Users only need to enter the detail of stress which is disturbing them, and this app will help them. It will provide them with useful and related information to get rid of all the stress and anxiety.

4. Sanvello



Sanvello is another name on the list of best Anxiety and stress relief apps for Android, which you use right now. Psychologists have worked on this app and devised tools to eliminate anxiety and stress and give you peace. The application offers you complete details about meditation, relaxation, stress management, and much more. You can use this application for free; however, to explore further features, you have to buy a premium subscription.

5. Calm



Calm like its name is application calm your mind through meditation to add more clarity, happiness, and contentment to your everyday living.

Millions of users around the world use this app, which indicates it is trustworthy and valuable. Beginner? dont worry, anyone can use this app, but there are tons of other features designed for mediocre, seasoned meditators and Pros.

6. Headspace



This is another of the Best Anxiety Apps or Stress Relief Apps to reduce stress and depression. This app aims to change your life through meditation and peaceful methods to relax and sedate your heavy mind. It allows all the guides and information, whether it is stress management or anxiety management. Are you unable to sleep? Worried about personal growth? Headspace has the answer to all your fitness questions. However, to use all the features, you have to lose your pocket and purchase a premium account.

7. Wysa



Wysa is not the typical mediation application and is different as compared to others. This application works as your friend and allows you to resolve smaller and bigger anxieties. The app uses science innovation as the basis to provide you mental strength and stress relief. You can get several features and information such as generally used CBT, DBT, Yoga, and meditation techniques.  All of it means to provide you a healthy life without any sorrow, stress, or anxiety.

8. MindShift



Those dealing with anxiety do not need to worry because MindShift is one of the Best Anxiety Apps or Stress Relief Apps to help you. It is easy to get rid of all the fears or anxiety that is spoiling your life. MindShift is made for this purpose to help teens and grown adults deal with stress and anxiety. This app will change your perception of anxiety, and you will be able to deal with anxiety with an iron hand. In short, this app makes your mind strong and healthy, so you can face all issues with courage.

9. MindMeister – Mind Mapping




It is another app mentioned in the list of best Anxiety Apps or Stress Relief Apps available on the Google play store. This app has a broad framework and gives you so many ideas that you can utilize to plan, prioritize, and create fresh thoughts.  It will map your mind in such a way that you will develop ideas to cope with tensions.  So other than getting rid of your tensions and anxieties, this app will make your mind strong and immune.

10. Youper



This app is your AI assistant, based on therapy and meditation to eliminate your stress and anxiety. Youper’s AI Assistant’s most adorable feature is that it can open up and allow deep conversation and make you strong enough to deal with life’s ups and downs. Using this app, users can find out and control emotional health symptoms, anxiety, depression, panic, etc.


We have made a list of the best Anxiety Apps or Stress Relief Apps for our viewers to stay healthy and live stress-free lives. Daily routine issues and work pressure may explode your mind; all you need is some good mediator. What else do you need? When your smartphone is there to help you cope with anxiety and stress. Now choose the best option, start living a healthy and relaxed life, and suggest other options if you know.GoodLuck!

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