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Top 10 Best Apps To Find Clothes By Picture

Best Apps To Find Clothes By Picture

Many people nowadays like to see clothes in pictures or have joined different social media pages to get updates of all recent clothes. You can see clothes anywhere, maybe some ad in the newspaper or flipping through a magazine. If you dont know about such garments, you may wish for a Shazam-like tool to recognize the clothes.

However, today you will get many apps that can replace Shazam with ease. There are many apps available on the Google Play Store that can provide all the features of Shazam for free. Android is famous for its massive app ecosystem, and there are many best android apps to find clothes on this platform.

Please read the whole article as we will share a list of Android apps to find clothes by picture. Using these apps, you can quickly find your desired dress, and it removes chaos by providing you all the details about your searched clothes.

List of Top 10 Best Apps To Find Clothes By Picture

Our experts have created a list of the best android apps to find clothes that you can use right now. There are so many apps available that claim to provide these services, but all of them dont work well. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Google’s Lens


Google’s Lens is at the top of our list, and it is full fledge recognition app that allows you to identify not just clothes but also accessories, computers, electronics, and more. It arrives as a built-in app in Android smartphones; however, you can download it via the Google Play Store whenever you want. The procedure is simple to recognize the clothes, bring clothes into the viewfinder’s frame, and it will quickly resent you the shopping page to purchase the item.

2. CamFind


CamFind is a favorite Android app that is popular worldwide for its intelligent features. It acts as a mobile visual search engine and allows you to search anything by scanning it with the CamFind app. The best thing is, using this app, you can quickly identify things like clothes, accessories, electronics, and more.

3. Amazon Shopping


Many users dont know that Amazon’s Android app provides a solid visual search engine known as ‘StyleSnap’. This search engine has the ability to identify clothes and asks users to upload a picture of the outfit to search for it on this app. However, the downside of this app is its results are only limited to Amazon itself and recognizes items available on Amazon, which is disappointing. If you want to search for some items related to Amazon, you can give this app a try.

4. Pinterest Lens


Pinterest Lens is another name on this list that is the best visual search tool to identify your desired items. However, it works a bit differently and shows images relevant and similar to your searched items. It helps because it provides shopping links for the matched products, but shopping links are less on this app. This service can help you if you want to purchase something similar to your searched item and is the best choice to diversify your shopping choices.



ASOS is one of the best Android apps to find clothes, and it is an app launched by a British fashion retailer. They have updated the app recently, and the latest version can find your next outfit with a picture in a few seconds. It arrives with a reverse image search option that is very easy to use and automatically brings styles that most resemble the one you are searching for. However, the downside of this app is image search option is limited to the only ASOS retail shop.

6. TruePicShop


TruePicShop is not as popular as other names on this list, but still the perfect app to search your clothes by pictures. You can identify and buy your products courtesy of modern AI-Powered image recognition tools ofTruePicShop. If you want to identify clothes, scan the item with the TruePicShop camera and tap on the photo. You can also search for items that are already saved in your gallery on the internet. We recommend you to use this app that identifies the clothes and gives you the shopping links.

7. Fashn. me is the latest android app that you can download through the Google Play Store right now.  The developers claim this app as the best fashion search engine and recommendation engine with intelligent features. It is true because this app shows fashion products from more than 35 Indian e-commerce store that covers over 1500 brands. If you look at the Vishal search feature, this app includes a visual search engine to search visually similar dresses with the reverse search system.

8. Photo Sherlock


Photo Sherlock is not as efficient as other tools on our list but enables users to search by images captured from a camera or Gallery. However, it is a straightforward app and doesn’t include any unnecessary or complex features to confuse users. It integrates with  Google and Yandex search engines to search for similar images and bring more perfection. Not only clothes, but you can also use this app to reverse search any photos without hassling around.

9. Search By Image



Search By Image might be lower in our list but gives tough competition to its rival apps. As the name suggests, you can search anything by scanning the image and find similar pictures using multiple reverse image search engines such as Yandex, Google, Bing, and more. You can use this app as it is effortless to navigate and allows you to capture images using your camera within the app.

10. PicFinder: Image Search



PicFinder: Image Search is the last name in our list of best android apps to find clothes, and you can use it to explore the web for relevant images. This app is dependent on the Google image search engine to show the results and lets you search items via multiple search filters. For example, you can search by time, size, color, model, and more; it also provides links from where you can buy them.


We have created a list of the best android apps to find clothes to help you find your desired clothes over the internet. You can choose anyone based on your requirements and needs. Dont forget to send us your suggestions and feedback until the next time. Goodbye!

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