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Top 10 Best Humble Bundle Alternatives In 2021

humbe bundle alternatives

Humble Bundle is one of the oldest and best platforms for game lovers worldwide, belonging to both indie developers and AAA studios for less price. You can get an idea from its name that Humble Bundle is an organization that emphasizes supplying bundles of games at low prices. You will get bundles in almost all the genres ranging from themed games to comic books and even software application bundles to provide you everything on a single platform.

Top 10 Best Humble Bundle Alternatives In 2021

Our experts have compiled a list of the best Humble Bundle alternatives that can be very useful for game lovers. Out of hundreds of websites, we have brought the ten best Humble Bundle alternatives that you can use right now. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Fanatical

Fanatical is a web where you can get bundles of games at very reasonable prices. Most of the time, these bundles are divided into themes to provide you with the best experience. These themes will concentrate on the kind of the game or the title at hand.

Moreover, you will enjoy the themes of the bundles like season-themed, which is great.  It allows you to buy various mystery keys cheaply to offer you some mystery video games all in one bundle. Fanatical is much more than the gaming bundles and provides comics and news about sales for entertainment.

2. Indie Gala


It is evident from its name Indie Gala is the gala of game lovers that supports indie studios and small-scale game developers. You will get many small-sized bundles on this site, but the prices are also affordable. It usually provides you with 4 to 6 video games at about 95% off, which is unreal, and you get multiple types of little games for a low price.

If you want to appreciate the small-scale game authors, Indie Gala is a perfect place for you. There are some options to get several indie games for free, and you may choose to play some quizzes to earn rewards.

3. Epic Bundle

Epic Bundle, like its name, is a bundle of epic games that focuses on the quality of content. But the downside is this website’s bundles will run too quickly, as they last for some hours or days.

You must keep checking the  Epic Bundle regularly and get bundles of your interest. The site collaborates with other bundle websites, which makes it better.

4. Groupees

Groupees is one of the best Humble Bundle alternatives that are the unique name in this list. It allows you to create your Bundle and then choose whatever from the number of games to which games you wish.

Even if you have $1.00, you will still get  2 to eight games. Some games can be small, while there are massive games as well, it offers you everything from games to comics to music you can choose.

5. Lazy Guys Studio

Just like other names on this site, this site also deals with bundles of games. All the bundles come in different themes, such as “Feels Like Home.”

Every Bundle stays for a certain period, and this period can be of two weeks, and then you have to wait for the next Bundle to arrive. It provides you amazing deals whenever you purchase any bundle.

6. Is There Any Deal

Although the name is a bit confusing still it is a platform where you have to search for both bundles and games from various sellers ranging from Amazon to smaller sellers.

For example, you can look at games from small developers or focus on significant AAA studio games. This site aims to update you if there is a sale on the game on any website, even if the game is in a package or bundle. You can keep checking on this site if you want a specific game and learn if it will go on sale.

7. Bunch Keys

It is amongst the best Humble Bundle alternatives that concentrate on keys and quantities of tickets. This site is different from others in this regard because other sites always focus on bundles and deals. Instead of providing you four or six games, or even 10, it provides bundles of Steam keys in numbers ranging from 11 tickets to 30 of them.

Apart from the mystery bundles, it offers themed bundles and normally many various packages simultaneously. You will get a lot of amazing deals and discounts on this site, and you can also save more than 90% by buying the keys’ bundles.

8. Green Guy Gaming

Green Guy Gaming is much similar to the name mentioned above that aims at selling private games at very discounted prices instead of bundles.  It enables users to get games on preorder, some games will be at their original rate, but the majority of games come with discounted prices.

This site provides discount rates on some memberships, like the PS4 Pro, and if someone is interested in the mystery element,  they can choose to get a mystery package of games.

9. Green Man Gaming

Many users call this site a replica of Green Man Gaming because it mainly concentrates on individual games rather than bundles. You will get sales on individual games, both new and old, anytime you visit this site. Sometimes it even offers you a discount of over 90% and not only small games if you are looking for massive AAA games, but you will also get something according to your budget.

10. ITCH

ITCH is the last name in our list of best Humble Bundle alternatives solely developed for small game developers by providing several indie games. You will get a lot of games at reasonable prices, and some are complimentary, and some expensive games are often available on big sales. Just scroll through the categories of games, and if you want to encourage the indie developers, keep visiting and spending time on this site.


We have created the best Humble Bundle alternatives for game lovers to get perfect games without losing much of their pocket. You can choose anyone based on your budget and gaming interests, dont forget to send us suggestions and feedback. Goodbye!

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