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Best Subscene Alternatives To Download Movie and TV Show Subtitles

Subscene Alternatives

Subtitles are a central part of any movie; if you are a true movie lover, you can understand this. When subtitles are turned on, our enjoyment gets doubled. A significant number of people prefer to turn the subtitles while watching TV dramas or movies, even if they are local speakers of the primary language.

You will find a lot of websites allowing you to download movie subtitles without any fee. One primary website is known as Subscene. It is considered one of the most excellent and most honest websites for searching and downloading movies or TV drama subtitles. Nonetheless, this website often goes down, and many times subtitles of the latest movies or TV series are not uploaded on this web.

We have noticed most people search Game Of Thrones, avengers endgame, captain marvel, and Aquaman subtitles on subscene. Users also use this tool to search subtitles to tv programs. If you are unable to access its website, you are allowed to download subscene app or apk to enjoy the service.

List of Best Subscene Alternatives To Download Movie & TV Show Subtitles

Listening to issues of users, we have compiled a list of best Subscene alternatives to download subtitles for films and TV programs. It offers subtitles in almost all major languages such as English, French, Italian, Danish, etc.



Opensubtitles comes first in our list of best Subscene alternatives and offers tons of features. You can easily download subtitles for various movies, TV dramas, and documentaries using this fabulous website.

This best Subscene alternative provides subtitles in almost 60 languages. You have the facility to use filters like IMDB ratings, size, genre, FPS, the format of subtitles, movie year, etc., while seeking subtitles.



Addic7ed is one of the best Subscene alternatives sites, which is free and reliable. It comprises a unique and modern dark mode which enhances its efficiency and simple to use UI.

Not only for movies, but you can download subtitles for TV dramas and series using Addic7ed. It offers subtitles in 18 different languages. However, the drawback is that you can only get subtitles of the latest movies, not old movies.



If you dont want any complications and want simple and easy procedures to get things done, then here are the best Subscene alternatives. It would help if you dont bothered searching and exploring the subtitles for your movies and TV programs anymore. SubDownloader will automatically search and download subtitles for your desired movies.

It is a malware-free and reliable website for movie lovers, which provides subtitles in 50 distinctive languages. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux computer users for free.

 Open Subtitles FlixTools


Open Subtitles FlixTools is a sub tool that provides you the facility to seam seamlessly download your movies from FlixTools allows users to download different subtitles catalogs, explore other subtitles utilizing IMDB IDs, and it can synchronize subtitles.

The major drawback of this app is it is available for macOS users. It converts your videos into iTunes congenial format automatically, including subtitles, metadata, covering art, and further, and attaches it to your iTunes library. Considering all the features, we can put it in our list of best Subscene alternatives.


The following best Subscene alternative website on the list is Megasubtitles. This is currently the best subtitles service which displays subtitles below a movie’s banner and a short abstract. You can directly download subtitles on Megasubtitles in SRT form.

However, this service’s drawback is that users are not allowed to request subtitles for movies or TV shows of their choice. Another quite annoying disadvantage is, unwanted keep disturbing the subtitle section.

TV Subtitles



It is a magical application that automatically downloads subtitles for your desired movies and TV dramas. It is straightforward to use; Windows and macOS app users need to drop their videos into Subtitles. This efficient and intelligent app will find good subtitles even if your files don’t have the exact name or the relevant format.

It offers subtitles in more than 40 languages and allows the translation of its interface into almost ten languages. Last but not least, this app is free to use. So this can be rated as the free and one of the best Subscene alternatives.



Another best Subscene alternative cannot be regarded as a website. You can consider it as the best small-scale application in which you have to put some effort into finding and set the correct subtitles. This software is available on Windows, macOS, or Linux computers.

Caption greatly relies on OpenSubtitles and Addic7ed for downloading subtitles. The great feature of this Subscene alternative is its open-source nature which allows you to add your sources in order to download subtitles.

English Subtitles


When you are searching for a comprehensive Subscene alternative, particularly to download English subtitles, you are required to visit the site. You can take an idea from its name; English subtitle is a website that entertains only English subtitles. It offers subtitles for movies, TV Shows, Web Series, etc., on its website. The only drawback or hindrance is that the subtitles are only available in the English language.

YIFY Subtitles


Without any doubt, YIFY Subtitles is a specialized subtitle downloading site that you can visit anytime. The only feature that makes it different from others is that you can only download movie subtitles on YIFY Subtitles. It has an excellent user-friendly interface; all the subtitles are uploaded with the uploader name, full subtitle name, and language. Tho it is on the list of best Subscene Alternatives because of its popularity and good reviews. There is a drawback of this website; it doesn’t provide the facility of any filter to browse subtitles.


We gathered a lot of data and searched user reviews to complete our article. We have a comprehensive list of the best Subscene alternatives to provide users with the best choice. All the characteristics of each Subscene are discussed in detail. We tried to cover all the options for our users. However, this list is not final or definite; if you have any suggestions, let us know about that. Now visit one of them and dont forget to cheer for us.

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