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Top 14 Best Working Kodi Addons in 2022

Best Working Kodi Addons

Best Working Kodi Addons

What are Working Kodi Addons?

Are you having trouble finding Kodi addons that are fully functional for all of your entertainment needs? Is There not a website that provides what you need? Well, now is the time to achieve your goals!

TechNadu has chosen to narrow down the best-working Kodi addons after learning how tough it can be to find ones that work flawlessly for movies, TV shows, live TV, cartoons, music, sports, and pretty much everything else in between. Consequently, we have discovered more than 60 addons for all forms of entertainment.

Even the finest Kodi addons in 2022 are not always reliable and could be removed if they run into legal issues or other problems. We often update this guide. As a result, to keep it current. Please let us know if you come across any additions that aren’t working. We’ll do everything we can to provide the best alternative as soon as we can.

I adore using Kodi to stream movies and TV shows, but finding functional Kodi addons is difficult. I frequently believe I’ve discovered the ideal addon to discover that the connection is broken or the streaming quality is unacceptable. Some add-ons contain malware and may expose your personal information (like banking transactions and passwords).

I’ve narrowed down the top 14 Kodi addons for streaming movies and TV shows in May 2021 after testing over 50 addons to save you time in your search. Every addon works with Kodi Leia 18 and older versions and is quick and dependable.

How do I get the best out of Kodi?

What are the benefits of using Kodi?

After being loaded, Kodi enables you to access the movies, TV shows, music, and images kept on one device and played on another. Additionally, it supports electronic program guides, streams and records live TV and has smartphone apps that enable you to use your phone as a remote.

List of Top 14 Best Working Kodi Addons:

Finding an extension that works effectively and fits your needs might be challenging due to the abundance of add-ons available. For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of the top Kodi addons for 2021 that will still function in 2022.

1. Grease Lightning:

The creators of Movie Theater Butter also created the video addon for Kodi called Grease Lightning. This addon includes an extensive library of TV series and movies, and it also features an auto-play option that enhances and speeds up streaming in general.

Working with FireStick, Android TV, FireStick 4K, mobile phones, PCs, and other Kodi-compatible gadgets is Grease Lightning. The Auto-play feature enables it to start streaming right away. There are multiple scrapers to search working URLs.

Grease Lightning Addon users can stream many different types of media. This attribute, together with the rapid playback attribute, distinguishes it. There are more than simply TV series and movies on this addon. There are many specialties, and just on the home screen, users can stream media from more than two dozen different categories. If you’re still undecided about what to get for Kodi, we recommend that you grab Grease Lightning.

2. Exodus 8.0:

An exodus is a fantastic option for movie and television fans like us. This software was left unfinished but has since been resurrected thanks to Kodi Bae, a developer. The default user interface is unchanged from the previous iteration.

There are many different movies on Exodus, and you can continuously stream the newest and most well-liked ones. The incredible media library in this Kodi Krypton addon is sizable, often updated, and logically divided into categories. It’s simpler for people to find the information they’re looking for thanks to filters, search tools, and media organized by genre. Even the actors’ content can be used to find material.

3. Crackle:

Owned by Sony, Crackle is a movie streaming service that comes free of charge. It’s often regarded as the best platform of its kind, and we undoubtedly concur. It has a large selection of titles and a continuously updated library. Even though it appears to focus primarily on action and comedy films, this list has a decent variety of films.

With Crackle, Kodi users can watch HD streams, look up specific movies or TV shows, view the service’s unique content, and more. Seinfeld, Happy Endings, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Point Break, and many others are currently among the most popular choices.

4. IT:

It is a third-party Kodi addon that lets you view many excellent streams of movies, TV shows, documentaries, kids’ content, tools, status updates, monthly spotlights, YouTube videos, new releases, and episodes of your movies TV shows. The original 13 Clowns addition, which is no longer functional, was the source of the new addon.

You can easily access high-quality streams with this addon. A Real-Debrid account should be added if you want to make the most of this addon, which many people consider among the best Kodi plugins. The addon also offers torrenting options, so you may stream immediately without waiting.

It shares 13 Clowns’ features and user interface. Users of Trakt can also add their accounts to IT to obtain access to other streams so they don’t miss out on the excitement. View it and have more fun while enjoying less.

5. Vimeo:

There’s a good chance that many of you have heard of Vimeo, so you might find it surprising that we’re mentioning it here. And in terms of how it operates, Vimeo resembles YouTube quite a little. You don’t know that some of the most well-liked independent movies can be found on Vimeo.

That’s correct; this site has long supported independent musicians. Because of this, you’ll discover a variety of entertaining movies here, and new ones appear to be regularly arriving on the platform. Additionally, Vimeo has a team of editors that regularly make suggestions so that you can find well-selected playlists of quality content there. There is no justification not to test Vimeo on Kodi as everything is free.

6. Documentary Heaven:

Documentary Heaven is one of the most well-known free websites for finding documentaries on the Internet. As a result, its Kodi addon makes all of its educational content accessible and indispensable. Additionally, we’re talking about a highly polished addon that runs flawlessly on Kodi’s most recent release.

As you may anticipate, Documentary Heaven offers a limitless array of genres and categories. Its films are all “one-click” flicks; therefore, there aren’t any annoyances. Once you’ve found something to watch, click on the title to launch the video. There is no requirement for account registration, PIN codes, or anything else.

7. Netflix:

Netflix is available on Kodi thanks to the CastagnaIT addon (Netflix is yet to launch an official Kodi addon). This third-party Kodi addon works with Netflix libraries in the US, UK, Australia, and Japan. During my tests with this addon, I had little to no buffering while watching HD television and movies.

Even if there are other unauthorized Kodi addons for Netflix, I prefer the CastagnaIT addon because the developer is well-known and regarded in the Kodi community. The addon also has robust security measures; it encrypts your individual Netflix login information and establishes a secure HTTPS connection between you and the official Netflix website. Your login information is permanently destroyed when you log out.

8. FEN:

The most recent addon to be published on GitHub, FEN, offers something subtle that sets it apart from others that provide the same function. Although using the FEN addon is identical to other Kodi addons, FEN provides a special deal for its customers. With expensive services, you can integrate this addon published on GitHub.

You can use it to look up movies and TV series. You will have a wide selection of movies to choose from, including both domestic and foreign productions. Thematic and genre categories can be used to group the movie playlists.

Various genres are available, including thrillers, action films, comedy, classics, and horror movies. You can use the FEN addon with Premiumize, Furk, RealDebrid, and EasyNews. This news is fantastic for individuals who are now using all of these services.

Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, and FEN are just a few of the gorgeous web series show in this collection. These addons are available for watching TV series, movies, sports-related videos, music, live TV channels, and many other forms of entertainment.

9. PlayOn:

PlayOn is the finest cross-platform option to include paid streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video into Kodi. This streaming DVR records videos into the MP4 format for viewing for USD 39.99 each year. Additionally, it has a function that enables automatic ad-skipping.

The PlayOn Media Server program requires a Windows PC to record the video, but the Kodi addon runs on any platform. PlayOn is a legal and intriguing way to link your subscription streaming services, and it works flawlessly with the Kodi media player. Playon is no longer strictly necessary to access Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, though, as those addons are now again accessible thanks to Kodi 18’s addition of DRM support. You may want to keep it around as a backup.

10. Tubi:

It’s safe to say that Tubi is a necessary component of your Kodi installation. With over 50,000 items, including movies and TV series, this free streaming service offers something for everyone. That is far superior to Netflix in terms of quantity! Over 600 highly regarded TV shows and movies are available, many of which have perfect Rotten Tomatoes ratings, even though it is a free service.

Tubi TV is ostensibly able to provide all of this fantastic entertainment because it is ad-supported. However, Kodi automatically removes the adverts when you run your Tubi TV streams through it. That implies that you can enjoy Tubi without interruptions from the adverts.

Although Tubi TV has a vast content collection, you’ll find that some titles are geographically restricted in some countries. You can only access the US content library using the Tubi Kodi addon, so if you live outside of the US, you’ll need to utilize a VPN.

11. FilmRise:

FilmRise is a corporation that distributes movies and television shows and provides material for various media streaming services. It is hardly surprising that FilmRise has chosen to offer their streaming service as well – for free – given that they are in the distribution industry. Users of Kodi can install this standalone add-on to gain access to a library of both classic and contemporary films.

The most well-liked movies on FilmRise are Bernie, Monster, Marjorie Prime, The Passion of the Christ, Manifesto, Memento, and many more. With so many movie genres included in the addon, you can easily find films that suit your tastes. The add-on functions correctly, no buffering problems and new movies are released regularly.

12. Seren:

Since it has so many uses, this addon for Kodi is new and doesn’t deter people from using it. It created an excellent impact when it first launched. The work thus far demonstrates how much promise this addon has, even though it is still being built.

There are currently no free streaming links available for Seren. The two premium hosters, Premiumize or Real Debrid, must be used to set it up. Naturally, Real Debrid is a favorite among many users, which is a fantastic performance because it functions properly and provides superior service.

Seren now exclusively employs sponsored links, which results in better playback. You have several options for HD streaming, and your broadcasts load and play rapidly. The Seren addon is constantly being updated and altered, so it may soon offer free streaming. Nevertheless, even with premium links, the addon is fantastic and deserves a spot on our list. Consider how few broken links there are when searching for a working one.

13. Apocalypse 720:

Apocalypse 720 is a Kodi addon found in the Nole Dynasty repository, which also contains a variety of well-known films and TV episodes from other genres. The fact that only working links for 720p streams are available distinguishes this addon from others. The addon performs admirably with Firestick, Android TV Box, and Fire TV. It will provide you with endless amusement.

You may stream various entertaining videos in many genres and categories using a wonderful Kodi addon. Therefore, if all you’re looking for is a Kodi addon with widely-known films, TV shows, and other content, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

This addon provides a tonne of capabilities, including search and a user interface that is simple to use. Many well-known videos can be streamed with this addon, although Trakt and Real-Debrid are not supported. This implies that you can only use the included streams and cannot add streams from other sources. It works well on different streaming devices and is an excellent addon for Kodi devices.

14. Deathstar:

In total, this Exodus fork has more than 40 addons. These Kodi add-features include Last Played, Search, My Rating, Kids Content, Deathstar, and compatibility for Trakt. It also provides options for Last Played, TV Shows, Kids Content, and Deathstar.

The Kodi addon Destiny Deathstar has it all. In addition to having movies and TV series, it also has the in-demand high-quality content M3U8, Acestreams, and Kids. This addon’s “Series Tracker” function automatically keeps track of the shows you watch. You don’t need a Trakt account, even though it integrates with Trakt, to keep track of what you’re watching.

Since the subsequent episode loads in the background, while you watch the current one, this addon makes it simple to manage the next one swiftly. You may also add M3U playlists for live IPTV channels using this option. Additionally, you can add Acestream channel lists. This addon will automatically update the links if any of them change.

There are more alternatives available when you search for a link, like watching an upcoming movie trailer, examining media details, obtaining recommendations for films you might enjoy, watching a random trailer, and learning more about the media material. You can access torrent files and links without having a Real Debrid or Premimize account. This addon includes some of the greatest and most dependable scrapers pre-installed and allows you to import any Kodi scraper.


Kodi users have a wide variety of add-ons to select from, but choosing one that performs well and has many features can be challenging. The top Kodi addons are listed in this article to ensure you get the most fun.

You may return to this page to see the latest Kodi addons because we’re constantly updating them. Please remember to share your list of functional add-ons with us so that we can make it available to other users.

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