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Can you play steam games on oculus quest 2

play steam games on oculus quest 2

play steam games on oculus quest 2

Steam games on oculus quest 2:

A standalone VR headset, the Meta Quest 2 was formerly known as the Oculus Quest 2. While playing VR games on the headset is relatively easy, doing so on a PC is difficult. So, here’s how to use the Oculus Quest 2 with Steam VR.

VR games can be played on the headset with or without a gaming PC. However, heavy-duty VR games cannot be played on headgear like the Half-life Alyx. Once the Oculus Quest 2 is linked to a PC, users can access the complete Steam VR catalog.

The Quest 2 headgear may be used to play Steam VR games through a USB cable or Air Link (wireless). Even with a quick 5G connection, you could experience lag. Additionally, you’ll require a PC with Quest 2’s minimal system requirements.

Tools and Requirements :


Download the Oculus PC app and Steam VR (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab). You must already have the standard Steam(opens in a new tab) application installed on your PC to download Steam VR.

Your PC and Quest 2 headset should be connected. There are various ways to accomplish this. Therefore we’ve divided it into its tutorial so as not to occupy too much space here. Here’s how to connect your Quest 2 to a PC in case you need help.

When you put on your Quest 2 and connect it to your PC, the Oculus PC app will launch instantly. If you aren’t there already, go to the home screen, and you should see a menu at the bottom with an option for Desktop, which has a symbol resembling a computer display.

This will, as you might expect, allow you to see your Desktop. From there, you can launch Steam and then Steam VR to play any VR games you already own and download new ones.

Playing Steam Games with the Oculus Quest 2:

The Meta Quest 2 headset is fitting because Oculus is now a part of the Meta business. The Quest 2 can connect to your computer wirelessly or via a cable connection, depending on your requirements and preferences.

The Quest 2 desktop application is required and may be downloaded from the official website. It would be ideal if you were also prepared with the Steam client. Whether you’re playing wirelessly or not, the former is necessary.

Wired Connection:

To connect the headset to your PC wired, you need a USB-C cable. Given that you don’t want to be constrained while wearing a VR headset, a cord at least 15 feet long is ideal.

You get steady connectivity as opposed to a wireless connection unaffected by internet speeds or web-related delays. For certain players, having a cord attached to you might not be the ideal experience.

Air Link (wireless):

1. Download the PC version of Quest and Steam VR.

2. Don your Quest 2 and select Settings from the menu.

3. Turn on Air Link by going to Settings>Experimental Features.

4. Choose Air Link from the Quick Settings menu.

5. Once connected, your Desktop will show up in your headset.

6. Launch Steam VR to play Steam VR games on the Oculus Quest 2.

Virtual Desktop Setup:

Virtual Desktop’s third-party tool serves as an alternative to Air Link by enabling you to bring your computer’s display into VR and interact with it from inside your headset. However, it also offers features comparable to Air Link, enabling you to stream PC VR material to your Quest wirelessly.

The app has a lengthy history and was available before Air Link, albeit some users prefer Quest and Quest 2 have access to virtual desktops (but performance may not be as good on the former).

The performance of the Virtual Desktop will largely depend on your setup and internal network. If Air Link isn’t working for you, you might want to try Virtual Desktop as a substitute. Nevertheless, depending on your setup, you can still experience inconsistent or variable performance. It isn’t easy to say.

However, Virtual Desktop requires a 5GHz AC WiFi network, but Air Link doesn’t force you to utilize one. You won’t be able to use Virtual Desktop if you don’t have this network

How to play Steam games on the Quest 2 with a cable:

1. A USB-C cable long enough to connect the Quest 2 headset to your computer is required. For the best results, look for a cable that is 15 feet long, like the Oculus Link Cable.

2. Install Steam and the Quest 2 desktop software if you haven’t previously.

3. Switch on your Quest 2 and plug the USB wire into your PC.

4. Launch the Quest desktop application, select Devices from the navigation bar on the left, and then select Add Headset. To configure the headset for connection to your computer, choose Quest 2 and adhere to the setup instructions.

5. After the setup is finished, select Link (Cable) and continue.

Start Steam VR in the Steam app. The VR titles in your Steam library should now be playable on your headset.

Game Options:

There are still some gems worth purchasing even though there are fewer VR games on Steam than in classic games. The immersiveness of VR gaming is unmatched because it is front and center compared to other forms of media.

Half-Life: Alyx:

Half-Life: Alyx’s creators had doubts about how well the game would sell, but its success on the market proved them incorrect. The plot and the interactions. Few games can compare to this one in terms of showcasing the potential of VR.

SuperHot VR:

The original SuperHot had previously amused a lot of gamers, but the VR edition significantly increases immersion. As a time-bending hitman, you aim to battle through waves of enemy agents. The ability to slow time down however you like makes the game feel faster and slower simultaneously.


Some genuinely unique VR experiences are available on Steam VR, whether you decide to use OculusKiller. We won’t be stopping talking about Half-Life: Alyx anytime soon. This sequel to the wildly successful Half-Life series remains one of the best VR games, despite not being nearly as immersive on a Quest 2 as the Valve Index. It features lots of the brain-twisting scientific conundrums fans are accustomed to, as well as zombie-infested death pits that will put your mettle to the test.

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