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What To Expect From Kingdom Season 3

What To Expect From Kingdom Season 3

We have seen Korean dramas and movies dominating the entertainment industries all over the world. People love to watch South Korean series and movies because of the exciting stories and appealing actors. The legal platform to watch South Korean series and movies is Netflix, the most popular site to watch content globally. Netflix is the massive digital platform that provides all kinds of movie web series, animated series in different languages with English subtitles. Today we will talk about Netflix’s first original Korean series, Kingdom, its first season released on 25 January 2019. This series is based on webcomic series, and The Kingdom of the Gods is authored by Kim Eun-hee and drawn by Yang Kyung-il.

Kingdom has grabbed the attention of millions of people worldwide, and due to this superb response from the audience, they were compelled to release the second season. The second season premiered on 13 March 2020, broke records of the previous season, and shocked the world. That’s why the audience is asking for Kingdom season 3; in our article, we will provide you complete details regarding season 3. Read our whole article to know information from release date to plot to cast, about the third season of Netflix’s Korean drama series Kingdom. It is directed by Kim Eun-hee, who is the most successful director in the South Korean industry. We are sure they will release season 3 of Kingdom soon; let’s have a look at the answers given below. You can also read Gold rate in Paksitan.

Kingdom season 3 release date and renewal status: When will it return on Netflix?

Recently we saw screenwriter Kim Eun-hee in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter; he said, “Strangely enough, Kingdom is a series that gives me more energy the more I write it. The cast and crew get along so well, and after casting two seasons with each other, they have great chemistry. Users are asking them to develop even up to season 10.” They have not announced season 3 officially, but we are sure it is definitely on the cards. Kingdom season 1 was released on 25 January 2019, and season two arrived just over a year later on 13 March 2020 that predicts Season 3 in the future.

The entertainment industry is suffering globally after the breakout of pandemic Covid-19 coronavirus. The filming of shows and movies faced many barriers in 2020, and that’s why we haven’t heard anything official about season 3.

However, we are sure this series will return for season three as we see them producing special episodes for people. Kingdom: Ashin of the North is next in line, and it will enable you to explore the character of Gianna Jun, portrayed by Jun Ji-Hyun. It is officially announced that Kingdom: Ashin of the North will be released on  Netflix in 2021. You will see this side sequel from Kingdom season two and a backstory about the spiritual character Lee Chang’s group confronted on their journey north to discover the infected origins. We saw Kingdom Kim Sung stating at an event in early-2021, “Kingdom: Ashin of the North [the upcoming special episode] will be a stepping stone to go beyond Kingdom 3.”

Kingdom season 3 cast: Who will be in it?



In the second season of Kingdom, we saw many cast members fall prey to the plague, so there’s no chance of their return. They have not announced the season 3, not about its making, so we expect regular cast members in season 3:

Kingdom season 3 plot: What’s next?

If you have watched season 2, you will know about South Korean star Jun Ji Hyun who appeared in a strange new role. It is evident she would play a prominent role in the next season. Season 3 will kick off from where season 2 concluded, for example, seven years and three months after the initial zombie outbreak. We can’t wait to watch what Jun Ji Hyun’s character is, as it is the most adorable character in the series.

Season one revolved around the story of hunger, and season two was based on the story of blood. In our suggestion, Season 3 should tell us the story of resentment, and we hope Netflix pays attention to our proposal. We saw season two brought attention to the concept of ‘temperature,’ and if if the story were to progress north, the diverse ecosystem in the North would act as a reference.

Season one told the story of hunger, and season two told the story of blood. If Netflix agrees, I want season three to tell the story of resentment. season two brought attention to the concept of ‘temperature,’ and I think

How many episodes will be there in season 3?

Making season of Kingdom is not easy; it requires a lot of budgets and hard work to complete its season. In my opinion, the biggest concern in making the 3rd season can be the budget; we saw the first and second seasons had six episodes each, and we may see the series coming with another six episodes. However, we are hopeful about season 3, and you must stay tuned to know further. We will keep adding the information arriving in the market, and while we wait for Season 3, let’s watch the previous Kingdom season 1 and 2 on Netflix.


In this article, we have talked about Netflix’s first original Korean series, Kingdom Season 3. You can read all the information and assumptions about the release dates and others about the possibility of Kingdom Season 3. We will keep updating you with recent updates; read our articles to know further about seasons releasing on Netflix. Don’t forget to send us your suggestions and feedback. Goodbye!

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