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25 Best Grabify Alternatives To Track IP Addresses In 2022

Best Grabify Alternatives

What is Grabify ?

Grabify will usually load your URL searches in a few seconds. You can’t get enough of how easy it is to use and how effective its URL search results are. All you have to do now is load your URL and generate an address for it.
A person’s IP address can be determined by sending that produced address to them.

The target individual, or ‘catfish,’ can, however, recognize your technique owing to Grabify’s popularity. As a result, Grabify’s programmers created the URL Customization area, which allows you to rewrite your URL.
You may add sites like,, and to your URL and email it to that individual.
You obtain their IP address and information if they visit the URL.

Nonetheless, the Grabify team has created a clever logger that excels at extracting more individual data.
That includes your ‘catfish’s’ location, phone, battery level, charging status, and other intriguing facts. We can talk a lot about Grabify, but it’s also important to look at the various Grabify alternatives.

What is the purpose of Grabify?

Grabify IP Logger URL & Shortener gives you sophisticated statistics data and information for all clicks on your links. Your IP Logger link may access information such as the user’s IP address and location tracker (country, city), among other things. The complete list of features may be seen here.

What is an IP grabber, exactly?

What if you’re using an iPhone? The web server obtains your public IP address whenever you connect to it.
The majority of these IP grabbers load a specific web page or picture tailored to that one person/URL connection.
The only way to get rid of it is to avoid clicking on the link.

Best Grabify Alternatives To Track IP Addresses In 2022

1. IP logger

Grabify’s second-in-command, according to some, is the IP logger. Unlike Grabify, which only offers the ‘create URL’ and ‘Tracking code’ alternatives on its website, the IP logger offers more options. “URL & Image Shortener,” “Invisible Image,” “Location Tracker,” and “IP Tracker” are among the symbols. The infamous Invisible image icon of the IP logger will undoubtedly appeal to you. ULR baits your target into hitting the URL without recognizing it by using an IP logger to create an unseen image (since he or she cannot see). Isn’t that a brilliant ruse? A geo-logger is also included, which processes your target’s unique GPS details like as location, device type, phone number, browser, and other data.

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2. XResolver

The IP address buried in the Gamertag is resolved by Xresolver because the Gamertag always has an IP address hidden behind it. Xresolver sniffs all packets delivered over an Xbox party chat connection and fixes everyone in that party or who played a game with you’s IPs. ARP sniffing, for example, is a sniffer tool in resolver. To collect all packets exchanged during a party or gaming session, this application starts with a tracker and a port scanner. Xbox is the principal user of port 3074, which it uses to pass all intercepted internet data via.

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3. PSN Resolver


PSN resolver is a program that converts PSN (Playstation Network) IDs to IP addresses and vice versa using sniffer technology. Similar to how DNS processes IPs from their domain names on a web request, a PSN resolver selects IPS from a stream of data in the PSN network. When you visit a PSN resolver site, you’ll notice an input spacebar where you can type in the PSN login or ID of your target. The PSN resolver can help you track out the IP address and PSN ID of a PS4 user. An Octosniff tool in a PSN resolver will also send your IP to a PSN resolver right away.

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4. WhatIsMyIPAddress

WhatisMyIPaddress provides an IP lookup utility for tracing IP addresses. Simply type the IP address into their search form and hit the search button. In a short length of time, the results of your victim’s information, such as location, show. Furthermore, you have the option of using IPv4 or IPv6 in this case. Most importantly, when it comes to the new IPv6 format, our website has done an excellent job of designing it. You can use more tools in addition to whatIsMyIPaddress’s IP lookup. It is amongst the best Grabify alternatives. Proxy check, email monitoring, breach leak check, speed test, blacklist check, and other tools are among them.

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5. IP Location

If your main concern with IP addresses is geolocation, IP location is the way to go. The geolocation tag is used to show the location of your person of interest. IP Location, unlike other IP lookup sites, allows all IP types, including IPv6. You can also seek the domain name of IP Lookup. Information such as the person’s location, ISP, proxy, browser, user agents, and other details become available after your IP has been loaded. Apart from the tracking features of this site, you can also use IP to hide or change your IP address. It can also be used to trace IP addresses through email.

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6. IP Tracker

An IP tracker, like an IP logger, follows your victim’s IP address and offers more personal information. These private details include a person’s exact location, the phone they’re using, the type of browser they’re using, and much more. What makes IP tracker unique is that it uses cutting-edge IP tracking technology to achieve superior results.

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7. is a one-of-a-kind IP tracing and website monitoring tool that you may use. TraceMyIp monitors real users, analyses the performance of your website, and optimizes SEO lead bots and spiders. For IP reporting, this site may also use email reminders. For secure tracking, TraceMyIp uses the HTTPS/SSL protocol. You’ll also get advanced HTML or JavaScript code that keeps track of online snoopers or visitors depending on their domain name or surname.

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8. ipTRACKERonline

Despite the fact that TRACKERonline needs you to buy their package and receive a valid eke, they do offer a trial mode. You’ll see two spacebars on their website: one for IPv4 or IPv6, and the other for the key. Once you’ve filled all of the spacebars, the system will direct you to a map where you may find the location of the person you’re looking for. Other data is displayed, such as the individual’s ISP, country, city, area code, or latitude. Other TRACKERonline capabilities include a DNS record search, whois lookup, and email analyzer.

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An Aruljohn could be a fantastic alternative if you’re seeking a way to track down a lost phone. Not only can you trace a phone, but you can also track email addresses and IP addresses. You’ll be a professional tracker capable of apprehending snoopers or cyber criminals if you combine all of those elements in one place. To enter your IP address, email address, or phone number into the spacebar next to their track IP address, all you need is your IP address, email address, or phone number.

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10. Bitly

You might find bitly to be one of the best link managers. It will not only establish a link for you, but it will also monitor and integrate vital company data across that link. Bitly will also provide a secure HTTPS-encoded URL for you. If you’re a company looking to combine your URL with a key API, this is the place to go (Application Program Interface). If you want to contact your clients via SMS, Bitly can personalize your URL.

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11. MetaShort

A URL splitter that contains SEO-friendly sites is required. Simply enter the URL in the MetaShort URL field and press the shortener icon. Metashort generates SEO domains such as title, keywords, and description as Meta tags. The MetaShort URL shortener is often used with social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook because of its SEO function.

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12. Linktree

Is it fun to interact with all of your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter followers and fans? With Linktree, you can quickly ask your social media followers to read a post, watch a video, or look at a photo. Even when using social media platforms like Instagram to sell products, everyone can see it. Simply open and register on the linktree website, then type your name into the ‘’ base URL.

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13. Trim

Do you wish to use online advertisements to generate customer leads and money for your business? Visit the website as a consequence. lets you create ad-like custom URLs that boost your site’s click-through rate (CTR) and thereby ad revenue and viewership. Because you must register your information, the site is also authentic. Furthermore, social media and marketing can be used to track the branded domains. As a result, unifies revenue data, customer service management, marketing, and other services into a single track.

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14. GoLinks

You may try out fantastic URL generators for free before you buy them. URL shorteners, such as Golink, are hard to come by. You can pick between free and premium options when you visit the GOlinks website. GOlink-generated URLs are also used to drive search engine traffic. This is due to the fact that URLs contain keywords and titles that facilitate access to websites.

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15. Rebrandly

Have you ever heard of the term “brand URLs”? These aren’t your run-of-the-mill URLs like,, and the like. Obtaining bespoke domains requires branding links from firms such as Rebrandly. Simply go to the Rebrandly website, paste or type the URL in the area provided below, then click the shorten Url’ option. Rebrandly does, however, provide a free demo or sign-up option.

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16. BioLinky

Do you want to consolidate all of your data or materials into a single link? Then go with BioLinky. This website creates a visually stunning webpage that you’ll want to share with your friends. Furthermore, the website is simple to navigate and adheres to the instructions. The BioLinky URL includes shareable domains that you may share with your Instagram, TikTok, and other social media followers. Even if you’re successful in emailing links to friends, you can still keep track of how many times they’ve seen them. Business owners that wish to increase their market leads should do the same.

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17. Manylink

When you’re working on a marketing campaign, you’ll need a site that lets you combine multiple URLs into a single link, which can only be done with a unique URL shortener like Manylink. As a result, you can use Manylink to direct potential consumers to a variety of URLs that promote your products. To get started with Manylink, all you have to do is establish an account. To obtain a URL for a Manylink, you must first complete your personal information and log in.

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18. Shorten.REST

Go to the Shorten option. One of the safest URL shorteners is Rest’s website. Rest provides a variety of URL domain types, such as social, advertising, SMS, and more. You’ll like to Shorten it as well. RESTful connections are precise, concise, and tailored. You can also modify the links to your audience’s preferred localized or theme language. The shortener also has the advantage of being able to run on higher-traffic servers.

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19. Short Menu

You’ll need one of the best Grabify alternatives like Short Menu if you’re using IOS or Mac. When you go to its website, you’ll notice a three-lined menu where you can choose between MAC and IOS. When you select MAC, the system copies the link address from your clipboard and compresses it in a matter of minutes. The same techniques apply to both IOS and MAC. Short Menu is one of the fastest and most creative link shorteners, according to user feedback.

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20. TL;DR-ify

For text options, learn about the TL;DR-ify URL shortener, which is available as a Chrome extension. You must first download the TL;DR-ify software or use a Google Chrome extension from the bookmark icon menu. Then, on a website, look for and copy a paragraph you’d like to share with your friends. Modify the highlighted text-containing link in the TL;DR-ifY platform.

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21. Polr

Polr is a high-end URL shortener and URL management software that specializes in URL shortening and link options. It comes with a lot of options for making hyperlinks. The Polr URL shortener allows web/blog owners to shorten their current website or post URL.

The procedure for obtaining short URL links is simple. To acquire smart and short URLs, consumers merely need to paste their long URLs and click on the abbreviated URL.

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YOURLS is a one-of-a-kind URL shortening service that includes a PHP script that allows customers to run and customize their own ULR shortening system. YOURLS’ method allows users to deal with their long URLs and hyperlinks in the way that they see fit.

It is critical to run and control your URL shorteners rather than relying on third-party services to generate short URLs.

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The URL shortener is a service that allows web/blog owners to shorten the current URL of their website or post. The post’s default short link will be of the form The finest part is that it enables customers to manage their many long URLs in one place. It allows customers to modify their URLs according to their own brand needs in addition to managing multiple URLs.

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24. is a free and open-source tool for shortening lengthy links. Users only need to copy and paste their links into the URL box on our site. They can simply shorten their long URLs by picking the relevant alternatives. Users can then use this link wherever they choose, either on their own website or on other platforms.

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It is one of the best Grabify alternatives that enable people to create short links for app downloads that can be pasted across multiple platforms. The platform allows users to create a single QR code for their software, regardless of whether it is accessible on the App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store, or another store. It relieves consumers of the bother of managing several QR codes or URLs by allowing them to use a single link in all places.

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Final Thoughts

The URL shorteners mentioned above are just a few of the many URL modifiers that are accessible. It is up to you to decide whether the method of building a customized URL with secure domains is ideal for you. Best  Grabify Alternatives sites that produce branded domains for your organization and have more internet traffic are always the better choice. Finally, if you’re using a paid or premium name, be sure you can test it out on the Grabify Alternatives site before you pay.

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