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How to become an Artificial Intelligence Architect?


The Artificial Intelligence architect is similar to a chief data scientist in that he or she plans the deployment of solutions, selects the appropriate technology, and evaluates the architecture’s progress as the needs of the clients change. The industry is evolving at a breakneck pace. Technologies that were useful a few years ago are now obsolete.

In today’s industry, everyone must adapt to changing technologies and gain understanding of new technology. Years ago, it was predicted that the day would come when everything will be available online, and that day has arrived. According to analysts and academics, by 2025, everything will be based on Artificial Intelligence.

The Internet of Things (IoT) will become increasingly popular. Analysts have also advised people to become familiar with other technologies such as Machine Learning, Data Intelligence, and so on, in addition to Artificial Intelligence. When someone considers learning a new technology, the only obstacles they face are time and money, as well as a lack of awareness about where to begin.

Let’s talk about a topic that has the potential to answer your questions.
Furthermore, we believe it has all of the contents necessary to permanently erase the query. You may use the same solution for any future requests. Simplilearn has begun offering Artificial Intelligence training in collaboration with IBM.

The Master’s of Artificial Intelligence, developed in conjunction with IBM, provides all of the necessary abilities for a successful and long-term career in AI. Simplilearn offers AI certification, allowing you to develop your skills in Artificial Intelligence, as well as deep learning, machine learning, and other real-time programming languages.

You also don’t require any prior expertise of artificial intelligence.
With this AI Certification, you may start fresh and jumpstart your career in Artificial Intelligence. Let’s get started on the subject that will offer you a better understanding of this certification.

Artificial Intelligence by Simplilearn in Partnership with IBM

According to a Forrester Wave analysis released in September 2018, IBM was the world’s second largest provider of Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning solutions. The master’s programme, in collaboration with IBM, provides you with a right combination of artificial intelligence and data science.

As a result, it’s referred to as a certification that teaches blended learning in an integrated manner. When it comes to IBM, the company is a market leader in terms of supplying a wide range of technology as well as consulting services. IBM is a market-leading provider of cloud-based solutions. According to one study, IBM spends $6 billion on research and development each year.

As a result, they have won numerous accolades, honours, and Nobel Prize nominations. This master’s programme is structured in such a way that you will gain expertise in a variety of technologies such as machine learning, data science, deep learning, and artificial intelligence in order to become familiar with market demands.

Furthermore, by enrolling in this master’s programme, you may gain experience working on real-world issues that may benefit you in the future. According to one study, by 2025, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning would be integrated into every aspect of our lives.

You might fall in love with Python after receiving this AI certification, and you might end up learning new Python libraries and how to apply them. Transportation, logistics, healthcare, food, and other industries are examples of businesses that may be governed by Artificial Intelligence in the future.

As a result, AI certification is something that will secure your place in an interesting career that, according to projections, will be at the top by 2025. Now that we know Artificial Intelligence will rule our adorable little planet by 2025, we need to stay up with how this industry will keep up with rising compensation standards and expectations.

What kind of remuneration can you expect after taking AI certification?

People have a strong proclivity to compare their current circumstance to their future situation. When someone compares the current market position for Artificial Intelligence to the future, something similar happens. We believe that they are correct, however few things are truly distinctive and may serve as a unique selling point for any technical professional.

Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence in conjunction with machine learning might be a unique selling feature. According to studies, the demand for Artificial Intelligence Architects would vary significantly in the future compared to the current position. According to a recent piece in the New York Times, there is a scarcity of Artificial Intelligence Architects on the market.

According to them, there are only 10,000 AI professionals available to fill these positions. According to Paysa, an AI certification candidate’s average annual pay ranges from 17 lakh rupees to 25 lakh rupees. In the AI domain, the top recruiting industries will be logistics, insurance, transportation, and healthcare.

According to a forecast issued by Gartner, there will be 2.3 million new employment available in Artificial Intelligence by the end of 2020. Furthermore, the Artificial Intelligence market is expected to grow at a massive CAGR of 53.25 percent by 2023, which is really outstanding. You already know all of this; the only issue that may cross your mind is if anyone can take this AI course, which Simplilearn offers in partnership with industry leader IBM. Let’s have a look at that as well.

Who can all opt for this certification?

In light of the foregoing, we believe that anyone who is serious about furthering their career in Artificial Intelligence or who wants to expand their knowledge base to aid them in their work should pursue this AI certification.

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