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How To Connect Phone To TV

Connect Phone To TV

Connect Phone To TV

A smart TV and your smartphone screen together can be the ideal complement. A terrific way to see images, watch movies, music, photos, games, online TV shows, applications, and more is by connecting your phone to a smart TV.

There are various ways to link your phone to your smart TV. The most common method, however, is wireless. How you connect the two devices depends on the sort of phone and TV you own.

Here are various ways to link your phone and TV, along with information about each. The procedure may vary slightly depending on whether you have an Apple or Android phone as well as a Smart TV or a regular HDTV.

Android smartphones and Smart TVs are the main topics of this essay. TV to connect your smartphone to your TV wirelessly.

How Can I Wirelessly Connect My Phone to My TV?

Android and Apple’s iPhones can use the methods described in this article, though compatibility may vary based on the TV model and the kind of video being supplied to it.

Utilize AirPlay to connect your phone to your TV. Apple’s exclusive streaming technology, AirPlay, enables compatible devices to send media to one another when connected to the same Wi-Fi network. When doing so, you can use AirPlay to send material from your phone to an Apple TV device plugged into your TV or a smart TV with built-in AirPlay functionality.

AirPlay functionality is already built into every iPhone model out of the box. However, due to the Android operating system’s preference for Google’s proprietary Chromecast technology, AirPlay functionality on Android devices is somewhat constrained.

How to Connect Your iPhone to A TV:

Transferring video from your phone to your TV will significantly alter if you have an iPhone. Let’s look at a few ways to link your iPhone to a TV so you can watch videos on a bigger screen.

1. Use Apple TV:

If your smart TV is connected to Apple TV, you don’t need anything else to share the video. You can screen mirror your iPhone to your TV with just one press.

Follow these steps to use Apple TV to connect your iPhone to a TV.

Step 1: Make sure the Wi-Fi networks on each device are the same.

Step 2: Choose Screen Mirroring from the notification tray on your iPhone by dragging it down.

Step 3: Select your TV from the list of available devices by tapping on Apple TV.

Send Media to Your TV Wirelessly With Google Cast:

Use Google Cast to link your phone to your TV wirelessly. Google developed a wireless technology called Google Cast to transmit data between devices. Many smart TVs that support the protocol bear the designation “Chromecast built-in,” generally known as Chromecast.

Google Cast is well supported on Android handsets, but Apple’s proprietary AirPlay protocol is more frequently used with iPhones. Despite this, many iOS apps continue to support Google Cast for wirelessly connecting to a TV, and several third-party apps can fill in the gaps where it isn’t present.

How to Bluetooth-Connect a Phone to a TV:

Connectivity is the first step:

There are various methods for connecting the TV and mobile device. Everything depends on the kind of phone and TV you use. How would you link a suitable cell phone and TV if you had one?

It appears that there are various approaches to doing it. One of them uses Bluetooth, but how can Bluetooth be used to connect the phone to the TV?

Well, we’ll walk you through connecting the two devices step by step below.

Connect your Smart TV to Android when you want to watch an episode of your favorite series without waking up your family. Making the connection between your music devices and Bluetooth clock is what this process entails.

You may find below the instructions for connecting your Bluetooth item to your Android TV.


It is possible, nevertheless, that the gadget will not connect at that precise moment. After that, you should switch it between the on and off positions.

The process from step three will then be repeated. Switch the Android TV on and off if the connection is not established. Your Android TV needs to be reset if it still won’t react.

You should confirm that your Android Bluetooth device can pair with other smart devices.

How can I connect my phone to my TV?

The majority of smart TVs will allow screen mirroring from Android devices. Imagine not owning a smart TV. In that situation, reasonably priced wireless display devices like Chromecast and Roku might, among other things, allow you to connect your phone or tablet to your TV wirelessly. Check to see if screen mirroring is enabled in the settings of your device.

The same Wi-Fi network as your television when you get there. Find the casting option and select your TV (your Chromecast, Roku, or other wireless HDMI devices) to start mirroring the screen. You might need to enter a code on the screen to make sure you connect to the correct decoder.

How do I wirelessly connect my phone to my TV?

There are several ways to mirror your phone’s screen on your TV or stream content from your phone to it. Although a USB or HDMI cable can be utilized, wires aren’t always practical. Your cable may not be the right one for connecting your phone to the TV, or it may not be long enough to connect your phone to the TV, rendering it useless.

Wirelessly connect your phone to your TV:

Some of these advances call for a Wi-Fi connection between your phone and TV.


The same year saw the introduction of Miracast, a well-liked wireless streaming technology. Many TVs now come equipped with inbuilt Miracast technology, allowing you to stream media from your mobile device to the TV. Since iOS and macOS do not support Miracast, this can only be done with an Android phone. You must also download one of our companion applications, such as AirCast.

Miracast enables you to broadcast information from your mobile device to your TV without a wireless network. Wi-Fi Direct creates a stand-alone wireless network.

The Amazon Fire TV is another well-liked streaming gadget that enables Android phone mirroring. Having Miracast compatibility on your smartphone is also required by Fire TV to cast video wirelessly to your TV.

Go to Settings > Display & Sounds > Activate Screen Mirroring to turn on screen mirroring. The contextual menu for the app will then include a link to the Mirroring option.

The Fire TV is available on several devices, including the Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube, and more.


Google Chromecast is the best and most affordable option if you want to stream media from your smartphone to your TV without utilizing an HDMI connection. You can mirror your entire Android device or a particular app’s media. To mirror the full display of your iPhone, you’ll need a third-party program.

You need the Google Home app on your smartphone to mirror your screen. My screen > Cast, then select.

For $49.99, you can get the Chromecast with Google TV combo, which can play videos up to 1080p in resolution. Purchasing a separate dongle is frequently unnecessary because Chromecast compatibility is integrated into many contemporary smart TVs. Check if your TV is labeled as Chromecast compatible in the product’s package or user guide.

How can I use a USB to link my phone or tablet to my TV?

Depending on the device model, a phone needs to have a USB 3.0 port to connect to a TV and project its screen. You will need an HDMI to USB cable for this to function; otherwise, if the phone doesn’t support USB natively and meets the requirements, it won’t be able to connect to a TV with USB.

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