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How to Put a YouTube Video on Repeat (Loop) on Computer and Mobile

Everyone enjoys watching fascinating videos, songs, movies, and a variety of other stuff on YouTube. People who work or study while listening to music, on the other hand, must replay the same song, lofi music, and so on. As a result, they download a song and play it again and over on their computer. (Youtube video)

To address this issue, YouTube has introduced the “Loop” tool, which allows you to put any video or song on repeat and listen to it over and over. But, it is accessible on YouTube’s site version; however, to repeat videos on YouTube’s mobile version, you must use a tiny trick. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

How to Replay Videos on YouTube’s Web Site

  1. Open YouTube and find a video you want to watch over and over again.
  2. Now right-click on the video and select the Loop Option from the menu.
  3. Have fun, now your video is being played over and over again.

It’s incredibly simple on the web version because YouTube has a function that allows you to repeat videos. So now we’ll look at the second method.

How to Replay YouTube Videos on a Mobile Device

To repeat any video using the playlist approach on the Android or mobile edition, you must use a trick. The following is a step-by-step guide.

  1. Go to your phone’s app store and download the YouTube app.
  2. On it, play your favorite video or song. Then, to select or create a new playlist, press and hold the save button.
  3. If you have already built a playlist, it will appear below, with the option to create a new one. Select it by clicking on it.
  4. Now, open the freshly generated playlist and press the Red Play Button.
  5. Open the YouTube player and press the Loop Button.
  6. You’ve now successfully looped a video on your mobile device.

Because the majority of the people reading this are on their phones, we understand how difficult it is to have YouTube videos automatically repeat. However, it is the most efficient method of doing so without the need for a third-party program.


This article has answered How to Put a YouTube Video on Repeat (Loop) on Computer & Mobile. You can simply follow the steps whether you are a smartphone user or own a computer. We hope our article helped you setting your videos on repeat with ease. Time for me to leave. Goodbye!

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