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Innovation In The Energy Sector: Technology Trends And Use

The Energy Sector

Even though it has been shown that energy consumption is starting to level off compared to previous years, the trends are still showing between a 1 and 2 percent increase. What that means for the world is that it is imperative to find a way to produce more renewable energy. However, this is a challenging endeavor because the energy demands are so high that the power companies cannot completely stop making energy the old-school way.

The great thing that can be seen surfacing that may help relieve this downside of modern innovation is the technological trends coming to light. Technology that can completely change the face of the energy sector in a good way. Let’s check out some of these trends to better understand the industry’s direction.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the most significant innovations to date within the energy sector is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in many different areas. For example, using AI systems connected through computer software to the grids will be able to use the IoT to communicate issues before they happen. Predicting the change in demand, or a transformer going out, can help reduce the amount of time people on the grid lose power.

Obviously, little can be done to prevent acts of nature, but AI systems can fix or alert electrical repair crews to go onsite. This will happen long before the company gets consumer calls to report a problem. Either way, the length of the power downtimes will be decreased if they are not eliminated altogether.


One of the biggest goals that the world has is to reach a state of decarbonization by 2050. This means that the amount of damage humans do to the environment around them will be decreased to zero, or as close to zero as possible. In the energy sector, this means that all the energy produced will come from renewable resources, such as wind, water, and the sun. These renewable resources will be turned into usable energy passed down through the grids and to the people in demand.

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Home-Based Energy Creation

For many years you have heard about how great it is to install solar panels on top of your house to produce your own energy. It was out of range for most people to afford this luxury back then, but today the technology that goes into the panels, batteries, and generators has become so simple to create that the prices have come down.

This means that if you truly want to change how power is being used in your home, it is time to step up and get yourself some form of system that creates sustainable energy without needing the assistance of a local power company. This will not only ensure that you have enough power all the time, but you can also remove one of the biggest utility bills you have to deal with every month.

Easier Ways To Monitor Equipment

Drones have been a part of many industries for years, making it easier for those companies to monitor everything within their industry. Drones will play a huge role in the energy sector’s day-to-day operations. Instead of having numerous crews driving up and down the lines, checking on the grids, and ensuring all the transformers are working at every location, a drone operated by one person sitting in an office can do the same tasks but quicker and more efficiently.

Drones can be outfitted to pick up any leaks in the lines, problems within the mechanical equipment, potential threats such as broken fences into the grid, and so on. The possibilities are endless. With a bit of time, a lot of tech, and some human training, drones and digital readouts can keep everything up and running easier than would ever be imagined.

Final Thoughts

The shift within the energy sector from fossil fuels to renewable resources will be the most significant change that the world will see in the upcoming years. It is something that we all need to keep our eyes on and support in every way possible because it is for the greater good. It will reduce the footprint you leave upon the Earth and the footprints of the millions of people using the same type of energy supplier.

The bottom line is that whatever the world has in store for energy needs, it all starts and ends with innovative technology continuing to be offered onto the market. The more tech that comes into play, the easier it will be for the producers, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers to ensure that their families, friends, and neighbors always have the power they need without destroying the environment to have it.

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