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If we had to put it simply, is nothing more than a very useful and helpful website for people looking for government employees to learn about all the latest updates, news, and details regarding these positions. It is a private website that a private person manages and is not run by the government.

The very best thing about is that it is free of charge; there is no need for anyone to pay any amount of money for the use of this portal; you should just visit it. By using this portal, we can easily get data and information regarding government exam dates, vacancies, age criteria, seats available, qualifications, and much more details about so many government jobs such as UPSC, IBPS PO, SBI PO, SSC CGL, RBI Grade, RRB JE SSE, IBPS

Some Attributes or Qualities

We can use a variety of functions that provides.  These are some examples of those qualities:

What is Used For?

Using this website is not at all difficult. Using this website is quite simple. We need a smartphone or other device with a screen and a strong internet connection in order to use this. The next step is to launch any mobile web browser, such as Google or another, type into the search bar, and then click on the result. Following that, you will see a website with this name that you must click to access.

When you visit its official website, you can find a tonne of information about various government employment. So all you have to do is scroll down and click on the field you want to learn more about. By clicking on that, you may quickly learn more about the exam and other information pertaining to that specific career.

Is the website at useful?

We can claim without a shadow of a doubt that is a very valuable website for getting so much information regarding various government exams because we are all aware of its amazing characteristics.

Is the website at secure and safe?

There is no need to worry about your safety or security because this website is secure. Visitors to this website can dispel the worry that their use of this portal might endanger them in any way. Because Jankari00 com is a very safe and secure platform, there should be no tension or concern of terms of service, privacy, or other security-related issues like viruses or other threats.

Benefits of

The following are just a few of the numerous benefits that this website offers its users:

Drawbacks of

The following list includes some of this website’s drawbacks:

Several Alternatives

There are a tonne of websites that customers can use instead of this one to access a variety of news sources and details about various government tests. The following are some alternatives:


For a big number of people looking for government jobs and needing information, news, or the most recent changes, is an incredible resource. This free portal is the most effective resource for those looking for government jobs. I sincerely hope that this article will be beneficial to you all in learning more about this website, which is called

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