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LSHUNTER – Free Live Sport Streams Online For You

Many sites are famous on the internet because they share links and information about sports events. You will not find any reliable links on such sites, and they only include affiliate links. We will talk about one of those websites today, LShunters is amongst them, and we are sure you are familiar with this name already.

What is

LShunters is a sports directory that offers information about different sports to its users. It allows users to choose from a broad range of sports such as Football, Basketball, Handball, Rugby, Moto, NFL, Tennis, Volleyball, and more. If you want to stream sports and want some site to provide you information about the ongoing sports worldwide, you can visit this platform. You cant stream content on this site but access information and links related to different sports events happening across the world.

Why should you stream on

There are not so many reasons to visit this site; however, it delivers a user-friendly and straightforward interface. The search function allows users to choose the sport they want to stream and even pick a particular competition. This precise input feature enables the site to faster and allows you to access the stream without wasting much time and energy.

Sports Schedule

One of the best things about this site is it offers all the fixtures on the homepage without mixing them. You can choose any sports of your choice, and it will sort the list based on your interests and pickings. It enables users to explore fixture details, including timings and other details, with ease. If there are no events on a particular day, it won’t provide any fixtures, and you can skip finding irrelevant fixtures. This platform is straightforward, and you can only find the relevant fixtures.

We shared this site’s positive features, but this site is no longer as efficient as it was. Now it’s a shadow of its previous version, and though we love the site, we need to analyze this site neutrally. Read the below section to know all the negatives of this site, and be careful next time.

Reasons why you shouldn’t stream on LShunters

LShunters used to be a reliable site to provide working and quality links for so many years and allowed users to stream some of the crucial fixtures. Our experts have shortlisted some of the reasons you should not visit this site, and let’s look at the list given below.

Unreliable links

As mentioned earlier, you won’t find any reliable links on this site; for example, I wanted to watch a UEFA Champions League match between Tottenham & Atletico Madrid. I tapped on the even and tried all the eight links available on this website, and shockingly not one of those links seemed to work. It isn’t very pleasant and time-consuming since you click links and it redirects you to irrelevant websites, which is incredibly disappointing.

No streaming

This is by far the major drawback of this site, and it doesn’t offer streaming facilities. We explored this site for two hours and failed to find any stream, and soon gave up. It is not as efficient and legit as it’s publicized; there’s nothing on this site to rate it amongst the reliable platforms; after visiting this site multiple times and attem[pting to separate stream occasions in a week, we found it didn’t work once.

Rise of competing services

It is no longer the choice of users in steaming content, and there are many other decent options that provide streaming without any charges. If you are a football lover, there are sites such as that offer quality links to the games. The most credible platform is YouTube’s Live section that lets users find a stream without hassling around. So why should we waste time on Lshunter when there are these services that provide honest content.

Frequent redirects & misclicks

Let’s talk about the same Tottenham vs. Atletico fixture, and we clicked on the match shown on the homepage. They asked us to pick from various links available on this site, and the moment we clicked on a link, it directed us to Bovada or FuboTV.

It’s not a streaming service

It’s not a site to stream your desired content but a sports directory with links to different sports events. However, when you click on any link, it redirects you to a premium service. This site generates revenue using affiliate marketing and other banner ads, and there’s nothing for the users.

How to access

There are many ways to access this site, and you can simply write its name in the search engine to get search results. It will provide you the working links on the first page, and you can also paste the link in your web browser to visit this site. We recommend you use some reliable VPN service to ensure your safety and privacy.


I am not a fan of its design, and there is a lot of content that knocks out the design. However, you will find some eye-catching features with loads of content, but still, it lacks the designing edge. The blue and color combination looks shaky, and we cant speak positively about the design.


The header section of this site comprises a digital clock, including a search bar. Under this section, you will get thirteen categories as a start Football, Basketball, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, Moto, Rugby, NFL, Tennis, Volleyball, Box, and more. There are two options under these categories, such as ‘For Webmasters’ and ‘For Streamers.’

Desktop/Mobile experience

Visiting this site on your devices can be a disaster; there’s no need to explore this site for any purpose. I launched this site on my laptop and then didn’t even feel the need to check it on my mobile phone. Every time you click on links, it redirects you to services such as FuboTV and Bovada.

Suggestions I have for

We urge the developers to reconstruct the site and add all the features that users expect from sports streaming sites. It requires a lot of improvement in all areas, from the design to content.


Sports fans are always looking for sites with reliable links that can work in the absence of or cable tv, premium streaming network. We advise you to refrain from using Lshunters as it is not guaranteed, and you can look for other options. You can send us your suggestions and feedback the next time. Good luck!

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