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Plex Alternatives – Best Free Plex Media Server 2021

Plex Alternatives – Best Free Plex Media Server 2021

People may now enjoy a variety of forms of entertainment thanks to technological advancements. With the inflow of numerous music streaming applications and other amusing apps that offer the greatest entertainment services in town, the media server is still in fashion, making the rounds for flawless file management.

The major reason for this app’s popularity is the numerous customization features it provides, which allow you to simply construct your own Netflix and keep the library available for viewing while also keeping it organised. So, of the various media server programmes available, Plex is the ideal one to discuss.

There is a free and a premium version of this media server. The free edition, on the other hand, does not need to provide much. It really lacks key functions such as DVR and live TV. Even mobile sync isn’t available. As a result, if you’re serious about utilising a superior media server, you might need to check into other Plex alternatives.

Plex Alternatives – Best Free Plex Media Server 2021

Though there are several plex options available aboard, not all of them should be trusted. So, to help you find a better plex media centre alternative, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top plex alternatives.

1. Media Portal

One of the greatest and most flexible Plex cloud options is Media Portal. Not only is the software useful for managing material, but it can also be used to check on the whole collection. The app’s many media organisation capabilities may help you deal with a variety of files and stream them in a variety of formats. Because the software does not buffer or stop while streaming, it is ideal for plugins.

2. Streama

Streama is one of Plex’s most engaging media server options. It provides the most well-organized media library with quick navigation. It also offers the most intriguing user interface. The option that allows you to have a Netflix-inspired UI is the finest part. Furthermore, the Episode Browser function allows you to keep track of the episodes so that you can retrieve them quickly.

3. Kodi

XMBC, as it is often called, is one of the best and most powerful plex open-source alternatives. Kodi is a free and open-source media player. The programme does a fantastic job of organising your media assets. It also allows you complete control over how you play movies, music, podcasts, and images. Kodi also includes a unique function that categorises all of the movies in an apple-pie-order.

Aside from that, the app has a fantastic customization feature that allows you to tailor your app to your preferences. Furthermore, the picture’s slideshow feature adds to the pleasure. The 10-foot user interface, which is utilised with televisions and controllers, adds to Kodis’ value. The only disadvantage is that Kodi can only broadcast content over local wireless networks. Other than that, in Kodi vs. Plex 2017 comparison, Kodi is a far better plex media server alternative.

4. Emby

Emby is the first and finest alternative for providing a Plex-like service. The software is simple to use and versatile enough to keep all of your favourite songs, films, images, and recordings organised. Furthermore, the incredible feature of auto-organization capabilities allows users to maintain their media files tidy and well-ordered. The nicest thing about the Emby app is that it takes the least amount of time and gets your task done quickly.

So, if you’re looking for a quick way to convert your media, Emby is the ideal solution for you. The programme is not only speedy, but it is also safe for youngsters because it has parental controls. Parents may use this tool to limit their children’s screen time and set restrictions on the kind of content they want them to see.

5. Universal Media Player

Universal Media Player is the brand you can trust when it comes to security, secrecy, and dependability. Although the app’s appearance isn’t particularly appealing, its functionality is significantly superior. The programme offers several fantastic features, such as a powerful transcoder and compatibility for a variety of media formats. It not only supports many formats, but it also supports DLNA-compatible devices, allowing you to stream media on your PS3 or PS4. As a result, it’s the greatest PS3 media server substitute.

6. Serviio

Serviio is next on the list. It is a well-known and dependable name in the world of media server apps. The programme is well-known for neatly managing your files and media. Aside from that, it can play music, movies, and even photos. It also works with a variety of devices, including a television, Blu-ray player, gaming console, and cellphones. The finest thing is that it aids Alex’s abilities. All of these features combine to make it one of the finest Plex alternatives.


OSMC is the correct pick for you if you’re seeking for an open-source Plex competitor that’s also open-source and has comparable features as Kodi. In terms of functionality and a user-friendly UI, the app is the greatest. The programme allows you to create a dependable media server and then export the media files to a secure location.

Furthermore, technologies like as FTP, SMB, and UPnP protocols enable you to access media on your local network. The inclusion of an App store, which allows you to now download a wide selection of music and other TV shows, is the finest feature that other applications may be missing. All of these elements combine to make it one of the most interesting Plex alternatives.

8. MediaGoblin

MediaGoblin is a far more user-friendly, manageable, and handy app. The app may not have as many functions as other services, but what it does provide is plenty to make it a more desired app. Because the programme is more controllable, it can accommodate a wider range of media formats, such as audio files, films, novels, and 3D models.

In fact, ASCII art is supplied as well. It means you may work with a wide range of media files without having to worry about compatibility difficulties. It offers a straightforward UI, similar to Plex, in terms of the user interface. It is the greatest media service option because of all of these qualities.

9. Ampache

Ampache is a basic, easy-to-use solution with a straightforward UI. The software allows you to export your music in order to quickly build a large collection and customise it to your preferences. Furthermore, the HTML5 player allows you to broadcast straight over the internet. In fact, it works with smartphones as well.

10. JRIver Media Center

It’s the easiest and most easy way to manage several media servers and keep them in sync based on your needs. Furthermore, the DLNA capability allows you to stream films to any device. As a result, JRIver Media Center is fully compatible.

11. TVersity

TVersity is one of the greatest and easiest-to-manage servers available. It gives you fantastic customised views, indexes your music, films, and images, and helps you keep track of your assets. You may also stream your online media to your TV, mobile device, or any other location of your choosing. It is the greatest TVersity media server plex because of all of these characteristics.

12. Windows Media Services

Last but not least, there’s Windows Media Services. For Windows users, it is the greatest. It, like other options, allows you to manage audio and video files as well as other tools. However, the tool only supports Windows, JPEG, and MP3 formats and has limited compatibility with other formats.

Final Words:

These are some of the greatest media server programmes that may be considered Plex replacements. Check out the Best 15 Cable TV Alternatives to Keep You Watching TV. Plex continues to lead on these alternatives, but they are also excellent enough to serve as a substitute.

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