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Re:ZERO season 3: Renewal status and release date predictions

Re:Zero is the most popular isekai anime worldwide because of remarkable characters and a universe full of mysteries. We have seen two seasons of this series, and users are asking if there are any possibilities of Season 3 official announcement.

If they dont release the 3rd season, viewers will never uncover if Subaru manages to get Rem back or if he will be able to grant Satella’s wish. We want to see the most if Subaru works to get Rem back or if he will be able to grant Satella’s wish.

However, there’s another way to know what happens next without a sequel. You can read the light novels, but that’s not fun; we prefer to watch the Re:Zero anime since they get magnificent ost and excellent voice acting. However, they haven’t announced the Re:Zero Season 3 in 2021, and viewers are asking about the chances of watching Re: Zero’s next season.

So how can we figure out the probability that Re:Zero Season 3 will get announced?

In this article, we will discuss the possibility of Re:Zero Season 3; we went through a few hundred anime series from the past few years and discovered one of the best methods to determine if a sequel is possible or not.

This method works most of the time, and we examine ales, source material, and the popularity of a series. Looking at that information, you can quickly figure out if there are any plans to continue an anime.

We have applied the same rule to Re:Zero; read our whole article to know about all the changes and information to make better predictions.

Let’s divide the article into three parts for better understanding and tell you if you should expect Re:Zero Season 3 to get announced in 2021. Have a look at all the information given below in three sections.

Part 1: Source Material Information For Re:Zero Season 3



We have seen the most utmost anime series in 2021, and they take adaptations from existing source material such as manga, mobile games, visual novels, manhwa, or light novels.

For Re:Zero, the source material is light novels.

First, we need to see how many light novel volumes are there so far and if the story is continuing. If it’s ongoing series, we are sure it will receive a sequel sooner or later. For example, Overlord Season 4 will happen because the series didn’t end yet, even though the book’s release speed is frightening.

You can also take an example of WhiteFox and look at how many volumes did WhiteFox use for the two seasons of Re:Zero. There are sequels like No Game No Life Season 2 that didn’t appear yet because there is no source material to use after the first season.

How many volumes of Re:Zero are there?

We have seen 26 light novel volumes of Re:Zero released in Japan. There are also four spin-off EX volumes, and most of them adaptations and even the EX volumes.

Is Re:Zero still ongoing?

Yes, it’s still an ongoing series in 2021, and the recently got volume released in Japan on March 25, 2021, by famous author tapped Nagatsuki. Volume 27 of the light novels is expected to release on June 25, 2021. The authors normally write three to four new light novel volumes each year.

Which light novel volumes does the anime of Re:Zero cover?

The first season of Re:Zero anime that came to screens in 2016 adapted volumes 1-9, and the second season of this anime adapted volumes 10 to 15. So you can see the light novel volume 16 didn’t adapt into anime format.

Part 2: Sales & Profit Information For Re:Zero Season 3

In my opinion, it is the most critical section; an essential factor in determining the success of any series is the revenue it generates. Season 1 is always a massive success as compared to season 2 that makes less profit. For instance, Noragami Season 3 is a sequel that didn’t get announced yet because Season 2 failed to make enough profit. An anime TV series like Re:Zero with extensive runtime and no OP/ED can cost up to 6 to 8,000,000 dollars to produce. So it’s a risk to create a Season 3; it can cause heavy losses if failed to deliver to the audience.

Re:Zero Blu-Ray sales

The First season of Re:Zero traded on average around 12,000 copies per Blu-ray volume, and the second season revolves around 5,000 copies. Nowadays, internet streaming is the primary source of income as people dont buy CDs or DVDs to watch anime series.

Re:Zero Merchandise

It’s the successful post part of this anime series, and there are around 500 various figures and approximately 3,000 goods produced for this series. Seasons like Goblin Slayer Season 2 and even The Misfit of Demon King Academy Season 2 got advertised, and both series have less than 10% of Re:Zero merchandise.

Re:Zero Games

They have launched four video games, two visual novels, 1 for mobile, and one browser game yet to release. The first graphic novel game, Death or Kiss, sold around 30k copies in Japan, and even as a second game, it was a success. The second game, called The Prophecy of the Throne, sold about 10k in the first seven days.

Re:Zero OVA Box Office

The Memory Snow OVA did make around ¥255,000,000, which is approximately 2,5 million dollars that is remarkable. . Hyouketsu no Kizuna, the second OVA, achieved about ¥300,000,000, so around 3 million dollars. Both of the OVA did well and made a considerable value.

Part 3: Popularity Information For Re:Zero Season 3

In this last part, we will discuss the popularity of this anime series, it took years to announce season 2, and I doubt it is still popular.

Some series get forgotten in just a few years, so was Re:Zero one of them?

We will go through the official website, social media, and other factors to answer this question.

Social Media

Re:Zero’s official website often posts something about the series, and the official Twitter account for this franchise includes 559,000 followers tweeting regularly.

Google Trends

The Second season of Re:Zero managed to get the same success and fame as the first season. If we talk about Japan then the second season toppled the first season in terms of popularity by 40%.


In our article, we talked about the possibility of Re:Zero seasons 3; we have mentioned all the information. Now you can decide there will be a Re:Zero seasons 3or not. In my opinion, we won’t see a sequel of Cautious hero, dont forget to send your suggestions and feedback. Goodbye!


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