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Secure Camera Straps: What to Look for and Which Ones to Buy


When travelling, it’s an unpleasant reality that cameras are vulnerable to theft. You’d never leave yours alone, but a camera left on a table isn’t the only source of motivation for a burglar. In a practise known as the “slash-and-grab,” they’re frequently snatched right off someone’s shoulder.

When a robber notices your valuable DSLR on its strap, he moves behind you. They then slit the strap with a knife, grab the camera, and flee. If they bring a companion, they’ll toss your camera to them and walk away with it in a matter of seconds. Pickpocketing is more common in places like South America and many parts of Europe, therefore this is more likely to happen.

In general, larger, more popular cities are more vulnerable to pickpocketing: anecdotally, the most pickpocketed cities in the world are Barcelona, Rome, Prague, Madrid, and Paris. There’s usually nothing that can be done after a theft to get your camera or other possessions back.

Even if you track down the criminal, chances are they will hand over your camera to someone else before you or the cops catch up with them. Preventative steps are the greatest approach to protect your camera. As a result, we’re going through what to look for in a slash-proof camera strap and showing you some of the most secure options on the market to keep you and your camera safe.

Why You Need a Secure Camera Strap

Cameras are expensive, and losing them may be distressing because they contain all of our travel memories. Cutting through a secure camera strap in a hurry, especially without the wearer realising, is often difficult or impossible.

Because they are too thick to slice or have a visible metal wire running through them, some straps can dissuade would-be thieves from attempting to cut them.

What to Look For in a Secure Camera Strap

Steel Reinforcement

Look for a camera strap with wire reinforcement for the best protection. Even if someone attempts a slash-and-grab theft, the fortification will keep your camera safe.

They won’t be able to cut through the fabric potion, but they will be able to cut through the wire, leaving the camera on your shoulder and the thief in the act. The thickness of your camera strap should dissuade them from ever attempting it.

Weight & Packability

While the strongest prevention against theft is a camera strap with a steel cable, that piece of mind comes at a cost. Camera straps that are made to last are thicker and heavier. If you prefer to travel light, pay attention to the entire weight of the strap.

It’s also worth noting that the camera straps have metal cables inside, which makes them less packable. Because the cables won’t fold or roll the way you’re used to, be sure you have a place to store them.

No Brand Markings

Even if you’re not a fan of secure straps, if your camera’s strap contains any brand insignia, we strongly advise you to replace it. A large logo proclaims that you are wearing a high-end camera around your neck. It’s best to hide it with a plain black strap, or if you like, a brighter colour: anything as long as the company name isn’t visible.

Anti-Theft Camera Straps: Neck and Shoulder

Pacsafe Carrysafe 100 GII Secure Camera Strap

The Carrysafe 100 GII, made by Pacsafe, is the most well-known anti-theft camera strap on the market today. It contains a cut-resistant steel cable running within the strap to prevent slash-and-go theft. To keep the strap neat and tidy, there’s a padded neoprene neck pad and handy anti-twisting metal clips.

The webbing attachment is designed to fit most cameras directly out of the box, and the simple black colour is unobtrusive. The wire loops on this camera strap allow it to accommodate most DSLRs and it has two side attachment points.

It also includes TurnNLock security hooks, which allow you to tie the strap to a solid structure, preventing your camera from being stolen out from beneath you in a grab-and-run theft. If you’ve set your camera bag down before shooting, you can use the strap to fasten it to an immovable object.

BlackRapid ProtectR Strap Attachment

BlackRapid’s ProtectR Strap adapter wraps around your existing BlackRapid strap rather than replacing it entirely. The incorporated 1.5mm steel cable protects against slashing and cutting, and because it’s visible, would-be thieves will be hesitant to try their luck.

It comes in two sizes: standard and long; if you’re medium height or taller, we recommend the long size because the usual size is too short for many individuals.

The attachment is low-cost and simple to set up, although it might be challenging to pack. Due to the stiffness of the steel cable, you won’t be able to fold these attachments like a regular camera strap.

Anti-Theft Camera Bag Straps

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Plus Shoulder Strap

The slash-resistant stainless steel cable on the Travelon Anti-Theft Shoulder Strap prevents it from being cut off. It’s primarily a camera bag anti-theft strap, but depending on connection points, it may also be able to attach straight to your camera.

The strap is adjustable and constructed of top-grain leather with a cushioned, non-slide surface. That flexibility has its limits: it’s suitable for persons who are at least 5′ 5′′ (1.65m) tall.

The strap also has twist-lock clips that can be attached to any bag with D rings, allowing it to be secured to a fixed object such as a table or light post.

Pacsafe Carrysafe 200

Pacsafe also manufactures the Carrysafe 200, which is larger than the Carrysafe 100. The Carrysafe 200 is primarily designed to secure camera bags, but it also incorporates a padded non-slip shoulder pad for increased comfort when carrying large loads.

The strap features the same TurnNLock security hooks that allow you to connect it to a fixed object, as well as slash-resistant material that prevents thieves from cutting through it.

As long as there are appropriate loops to attach it onto, the Carrysafe 200 may replace the existing strap on most camera bags. The length may be adjusted from 37 and 51 inches, providing you a lot of carrying options.

You might be able to attach this strap straight to your camera, just like the Travelon model above. It doesn’t have the same wire loops as the Carrysafe 100, so you’ll have to come up with your own means of connection.

Anti-Theft Camera Hand Strap

If you don’t want to wear a neck or shoulder strap, this is the bag for you. By keeping your camera attached directly to your wrist, a hand strap can assist prevent theft and unintentional damage without adding bulk.

Altura Photo Camera Hand Strap

The Altura Photo hand strap wraps around your wrist and grips your hand. If the camera is yanked or slips from your grip, it (along with your memories and investment) will not be lost. You won’t have to worry about finding the proper size because it’s made to suit any hand.

The exterior layer is composed of PU leather and is layered with a breathable microfiber that keeps your hand dry and comfy. Any mirrorless or DSLR camera with a standard tripod screw mount can use it.

While not as secure as a slash-proof camera strap, it keeps the camera firmly in your palm at all times. If someone tries to take your camera, it will become trapped on your wrist, allowing you to react.

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