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Top 10 Theync Alternatives


It isn’t your typical website; instead, it’s a nexus for uncensored images and video. The site includes odd content such as death photos, torture films, and murder clips, among other things.

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The Alternatives

Leaked Reality

You may watch unfiltered news media footage for free at Leaked Reality.

Website URL:


ShockGore Provides You With Terrifying Videos On The Internet, Including Reality Gore From Around The World. To utilize the site, you must be 18 or older, and the content can be alarming for certain people.

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Hootsuite is uncensored crime news and media website that covers true stories.
Access to our website is restricted to mature aged 18 and over due to the graphic nature of some of the content. Hoodsite videos can be gory, nasty, disturbing, and upsetting.

Website URL:

The Factory of Blood

The Blood Factory is a trip down the dark side, with extreme horror films and a must-read blog. JavaScript and Flash Player 18+ are required to view the website.

Website URL:

A corpse that has been damaged

Damaged Corporation offers a befuddling user interface and some available content.

Website URL:

Ezine on Body Modification

Modification of the Body Ezine, sometimes known as BME, is an online magazine that publishes articles connected to severe body modification, such as.

Website URL:

Reality is being documented.

Documenting Reality is an unfiltered website where you may see and watch real-life photos and videos of death, suicide, human abnormalities, and accidents.

Website URL:


Goregrish is a prominent uncensored shock website and discussion forum for 18+ people who want to see photographs and videos of murder, suicide, and other gruesome acts.

Website URL:

best gore

bestgore is a Canadian shock site started by Marek in 2008 that features uncensored news, intensely unsettling photographs, and videos.

Website URL: was established in 1996 as a shock website that features a collection of unsettling drawings such as photos of horrific crimes, autopsy, and disturbing.


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