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Ways to Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment in 2022

Ways to Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment

According to statistics as of the 2020 research, over eighty-eight percent of online checkouts weren’t finished. This problem can take place on any site. However, it is unreasonable to believe that a customer has just changed their mind. Understanding what lies behind this action will result in enhancing your revenue and reducing the impact of elements that dissatisfy your target audience.

To find out what ways are best to avoid the issue of a dropped shopping cart, it is necessary to find out what this phenomenon is about and what leads to it. Keep on reading this article to get acquainted with its peculiarities and increase your webpage checkout solution’s efficiency. Mind the gap!

What Is What: Theoretical Introduction

The analyzed notion is self-explanatory. It happens when customers don’t place an order and pay for the items they have already put in their shopping cart. The fact the purchase hasn’t been finished and the related business metric has to be thoroughly analyzed to reduce and prevent this effect.

Its connection with revenue and conversion rates is clear. If you don’t cope with this problem, your site won’t be as functional and productive as it might have been. The percentage of how many sales are lost depends on every particular webpage. With the help of a simple formula, enthusiasts can measure this parameter and define the expected scope of work.

You should subtract from one the divided ratio of completed transactions and initiated shopping carts and then multiply the achieved figure by one hundred. For instance, with two hundred orders paid and four hundred just started but not finished, this rate will equal fifty percent.

Naturally, the manna heaven of zero abandoned cart isn’t practical to achieve. The common tendency states that if your productivity in this regard doesn’t surpass seventy percent, it is acceptable. If you perform better, it shouldn’t become a surprise for you that this parameter is ever-changing — first-time discounts, promotions, etc. are just a few samples of how brands can interact with their audience to entice them in the shopping process more.

Top Reasons for Abandoning Online Carts

The list of the factors that influence customers’ shopping progress is huge. Even the smallest parameter has an impact. Here are some of the most widespread triggers for end-users to leave the site without finalizing their purchase:

Leading Tactics to Improve Your Cart Efficiency

First of all,  you have to realize what type of abandonment you experience. With a niche category, there are outer major fluctuations that are based on visitors’ limited ability to make online purchases. For instance, this relates to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. There is also a complex of in-site reasons that make users drop the cart. By defining when a cart is abandoned (right before or during checkout), brands can implement appropriate troubleshooting strategies.

There are multiple possible solutions that will help interested parties to overcome the analyzed challenge and become one step closer to the revenue and conversion rates they dream about:


All in all, a multi-faceted approach will come in handy. The more you know about the problem, the more creative you can become in troubleshooting. Seeking the basic means to control your cart operation and looking for ways to level up its potential are must-have strategies for any business.

At the same time, lightbox popups allow interested parties to kill two birds with one stone. These message windows are one of the most exclusive, affordable, and simple methods to cope with the issue of abandoned shopping carts. It will certainly improve your site navigation and conversion. By finding a reliable tool for lightbox management, including Claspo, the challenge is accepted and completed without difficulty.

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