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What is eDPI, And How To Calculate eDPI?

How To Calculate eDPI

How To Calculate eDPI

eDPI Calculator:

Effective dots per inch, or eDPI, is a numerical figure created by multiplying your mouse DPI by the sensitivity of the particular game you are playing. Using a single figure, you may determine your total sensitivity without considering both your DPI and your in-game sensitivity.

The eDPI Calculator uses two separate inputs to determine your overall sensitivity: mouse DPI and in-game sensitivity. It does not guarantee that you can duplicate the experience without altering your mouse DPI if another player is playing Valorant with 0.5 sensitivity. It is considerably simpler to change your settings when you use just one number.

How Do You Choose the Best eDPI?

Here is a simple tutorial on changing the settings on the Valorant eDPI Calculator and determining your sensitivity level.

How To Use eDPI Calculator?

You can test your friend’s sensitivity settings to determine whether they work for you by using an eDPI calculator. We’ve included a detailed explanation below if you’re unsure how to use an eDPI calculator.

While most Valorant experts advise keeping the eDPI in the 200–400 range when first starting, you can experiment with the eDPI numbers to see what works best for you; since Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter, you’ll frequently use the mouse to make minor motions, aim the crosshair in advance, etc. The best method for determining your ideal eDPI settings is to start with a low eDPI level and gradually increase it.

180-degree test;

Ensure the values match your hand movement once you’ve modified your freshly configured eDPI settings. The 180-degree test is a straightforward, tried-and-true technique.

Put your mouse to the farthest left corner of your mousepad to conduct this test. Now move the mouse horizontally to the mousepad’s far right corner. Your agent should now be 180 degrees behind where they were when they first started (looking behind). You should raise your eDPI if your agent didn’t make a complete 180-degree turn.

eDPI Does Not Let You Compare Sensitivity From One Game to Another:

It’s crucial to realize that eDPI only enables you to contrast effective sensitivities within the same game.

Use our Mouse Sensitivity Converter to adjust your sensitivity for a different game. In addition to providing you with the in/360 and cm/360 values for both games, our mouse sensitivity converter will also provide you with the eDPI for the game you are converting your sensitivity to.

What is EDPI considered Low/Medium/High sens?

What is a good EDPI for Fortnite, Valorant, CS: GO, etc.?

The majority of Fortnite users fall within the 36–68 EDPI range. Given that every player has a unique style of play, it is not something you should always seek to achieve. Above all, if you find it comfortable, you can always use the Fortnite eDPI Calculator to match your friend’s eDPI sensitivity.

What eDPI is suitable for Volarant? The professional players we consulted said that keeping your EDPI in the 180 to 400 range is a solid range.

I would suggest looking at this great online resource I found to learn what mouse sensitivity settings experts use for Valorant.

What eDPI is recommended for CS: GO? The average EDPI for CS: GO players are 876. However, only a tiny percentage of professionals can reach 955. We advise experimenting with various CS: GO EDPI Calculator settings and sticking with the setting that feels the most comfortable in your hands.

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