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F1 TV | Stream Formula 1 live

Hundreds of online streaming services are available nowadays, making it difficult to decide which one to choose. It can be overwhelming when deciding on one; all of them offer different features and monthly price tags. All of these are different, and each network includes a specific niche, and there are advantages and disadvantages of each streaming service. No streaming service can be perfect and cover all the content because it not possible in recent times one such service is F1 TV.

Many sports streaming sites provide a wide range of content, but the design is compromised, others may deliver incredible user experience, but the content is relatively limited. It is very important to note some of the points before considering any streaming service because you are tied into year-long contracts when you commit. You cant break those agreements in the middle, so it’s better to think before making such decisions. Some streaming services dont provide the facility of a free trial which is disappointing and can be risky.  The only thing that can help is user reviews and feedback to determine the credibility of such streaming services that do not offer free trials. Users dont want to spend money on fake or less efficient streaming sites and want value-to-money services because it’s hard to earn money.

Please read our complete article to learn some things to examine before you can confidently choose one streaming service. You must ask yourself some critical questions before making a pick. Firstly you must determine what sort of content you want to watch? For example, if you are a massive sports enthusiast, you must settle you want to watch a particular sport or more general streaming capabilities of various sports.

What is F1 TV?



If you are a fan of action games, you must rely on UFC TV or Fite TV services to meet your needs.  Otherwise, there are other sites if you want to stream numerous sports; look at ESPN Plus that is popular for a wide range of sports. You must be sure of what you want and then look for a service that provides the relevant features and content. It will help you a lot to figure out which services have the layout and content that will serve you the best.

You might have an idea about choosing a reliable streaming service after reading the details given below. We will still share more information to provide you the process to narrow your decision down to the basics. This article is dedicated to Formula 1 racing lovers, and we will talk about F1 TV, a top-rated streaming site. It offers tons of content, great design, immersive features, and everything you expect from a perfect premium streaming service. All you need is a few cold beers and an F1 TV subscription to watch your favorite sports; let’s discuss this streaming network in detail.


F1 TV didn’t always exist like the streaming service of recent times, and before the launch of F1 TV, Formula 1 comprised a different digital broadcast service, called F1 Digital Plus. Digital Plus came into existence at the 1996 German Grand Prix and intended to broadcast exclusively to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Many other countries started requesting access to the service in droves, and the French broadcaster Canal Plus agreed with the service later in 1996. The agreement was of 10 years (estimated to cost $60 million per year).

It helped the original Formula 1 digital media service to grow at a rapid pace. In 1997 an Italian broadcaster Tele Plus launched its F1 Digital Plus service, and Spain and England followed suit in 1998. Shockingly, Formula 1 Digital Plus secured an initial investment of $35 million, and over $100 million went into the service before it went down in 2002. It failed to achieve the estimated goals, which became why companies helped pioneer digital sports media.

Though it failed to deliver still and became e a commercial failure, Digital Plus comprised many new and innovative technologies for broadcasting Formula 1 races that have continued throughout the years as the industry standard, like dashcams and overall cinematic production qualities. In my opinion, Digital Plus laid down the basis for where Formula 1 TV would pick up and continue dominating digital racing content further.


If you look at the design of the F1 TV, you will feel like playing a video game than surfing on a streaming service. The design of this site is one of the most immersive and compelling that we have not seen on any streaming service. It is unique in this regard and provides different screen menus to easily and quickly switch between cameras, check stats and timings, or even listen in on live team radio calls. You can check in on the pit whenever you want and turn from there to your driver’s dashcam for a first-person fast-paced viewing experience. Some sports streaming platforms are flexible and allow users to control how they can enjoy the content.

It’s easy to navigate on this site; if you are concerned about the archives and libraries, it’s straightforward to explore them are user-friendly. You can browse by year and then sit back and tap or scroll through a very natural layout of various videos, highlights, and total past races. F1 TV enables users to take complete control of streaming and enjoy all the features without hassling around.


We have already discussed many features of this site, but we will focus on the content in this section. This service is about racing sports and offers a rich archive of past races, Grand Prix, and anything Formula 1 has broadcast. It provides you full and unlimited access to an immense library of historic F1 races and enables you to watch some of the most classic races of all time on demand. What makes it different is it provides you access to riveting F1 behind-the-scenes series and documentaries that only F1 TV users can view.


It doesn’t offer a free trial, so we recommend you try it out by checking out the cheaper TV Access plan and only lose three bucks or so – but, still, I think that is a free, no-risk trial option. You can send us your suggestions and feedback. Until the next time. Goodbye!

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